All The Benefits Of Double And Triple Glazing

Adding extra glazing to the windows in your home or business has been a pretty common practice established for quite some time now. It may also be a source of comfort to know that the benefits of doing so actually do extend beyond a general feeling of extra security for yourself and others inside the building.

Safety and cost
It is understandable that when you describe the benefits of your windows having double glazing the same rules also apply to triple glazing, but to a greater extent of course. The immediate attraction is the higher level of protection offered in comparison to the standard windows. This means that much less heat is lost and certain levels of damage may not make it through to the additional glass pane(s). Some types of glass let sunlight and heat in but also manage to stop it from leaving, particularly useful in keeping your home warm and comfortable in harsher conditions. This protection from heat loss is also a great contributory factor toward saving money on the cost of your heating. It will also be no surprise that double or triple glazing makes it more difficult for intruders to enter.

Added value
A phrase that springs to mind is ‘speculate to accumulate’ and it is one that you can definitely apply to double and triple glazing. It has been proven that the value of your property increases if your windows are suitably equipped in this way and if you are wishing to sell then these aspects all add up to a higher valuation. When viewing properties, potential buyers will usually include good double glazing and sufficient loft insulation on their tick list of ‘wants’.

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Relative ease
The process of installing the glazing is not a necessarily complicated one but certainly a huge percentage of people will call in an expert to do it. When you seek out a salesman they will come to your property to check over a few details and to measure the areas. If you are unsure over any aspect of the service at all then any salesman worth his salt will be more than happy to explain in further detail. The tricky part of buying glazing is finding out which companies will offer the right quality of material and at a fair price too. Unfortunately there are suspect salesmen out there who do not provide the best standard available to you so it is worth looking around to find out which companies are reputable and suchlike.

Claire Best writes here of the benefits in double and triple glazing, on behalf of Munster Joinery

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