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Renter’s insurance covers you in case of damage to your home or to the things in your home. In addition to this, it will also cover injuries sustained by guests in your home. If you are thinking about acquiring renter’s insurance for your home or your apartment, you may find yourself wondering if you qualify. Much like car insurance, renter’s insurance is dependent on certain factors. Like all insurance providers, companies who offer renter’s insurance prefer people who are low risk. Consider some of the following factors when you are thinking about applying for your own renter’s insurance policy.


If you live in an area with a high crime rate, there is a good chance that your premiums will be very high or that your coverage will be denied. Though this is not pleasant, it is a fact of life that people in some areas simply cannot get insured in this way. If you are worried that this is happening to you, contact your state’s insurance commissioner. In some states, you can purchase state insurance, which is meant to protect you when you fall into this very frustrating area.


Though renter’s insurance companies did not previously concern themselves with credit checks, it has become increasingly common over the past few years. If you have bad credit, or even if you have no credit, you will find that it will get in your way when you are considering getting renter’s insurance for your home. Instead, look for companies that will allow you to pick up insurance without the need for a credit check. This is something that can make a huge difference to whether you get insurance at all, though typically it also means higher premiums.


Some people believe that you need to have your name on a lease in order to have renter’s insurance. The truth is that this varies from company to company. Some places will allow you to purchase insurance only if you have some claim to the property itself, while others only require that you offer some kind of proof of residence, like a bill of some sort. This is something that may take some research, so make sure that you compare the companies offering insurance carefully.


In some cases, it takes a few changes before you can qualify for insurance. For example, if you live in a moderately high-crime neighborhood, it might be worth your while to install a basic security system. Having a security system installed is a method that you can use to mitigate risk and therefore to indicate to the insurance company that you are a safer bet. Consider what you can do to increase your security. Reinforced doors and bars over windows are another option for you to choose.

Call Around

When you are trying to figure out whether you qualify for insurance, the key is to start looking around. Just because you do not qualify for renter’s insurance in with one company does not mean that you will not qualify with another company. This is something that can help you out immensely. It is important to remember that not all insurance policies are created equal. The more you investigate your options, the better a choice you can make.

Getting renter’s insurance is a wise decision if you want to make sure that your possessions can be replaced. This is something that can make a huge difference in case of an emergency, so start your planning today. Most renters insurance is fairly inexpensive, so consider what it can do for you!

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