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Amazing Beaches In DubaiMany of you will have seen stunning pictures of Dubai’s skyline with its exotic buildings rising over the coastline and beaches with turquoise water. If you’re planning on a vacation or a business trip to Dubai, be sure to make it a relaxing yet refreshing stay.

One of the features of the Dubai beaches is that they are very safe with lifeguards throughout the day. The beaches make the perfect place to feel relaxed and allow you to enjoy the year-round sunshine. The waters of the Arabian Gulf are warm while the beaches are soft and sandy. There is no specific restriction for any Dubai beach to be open as they’re open year-round, even in the winter season.

You can choose to stay at one of the many Dubai beach hotels as it will be an exciting experience. With the advent of the Internet, you can now make your reservations online and save money and your precious time.

Some of the famous beaches include Dubai Jumeirah Beach, Mamzar Beach, and Jebel Ali Beach.

Dubai is definitely the place for you to be in case you’re looking for some outdoor recreation. The choice is up to you as you can choose from either to walk along the golden sands, enjoy water sports, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing or sunbathing. The choice is pretty open for you to choose from numerous Dubai beach resorts that offer great services. You can choose from a 4-7 star hotels and resorts and enjoy your pleasant stay. However, it is advised that you book your stay in advance as the hotels get filled up quick. It is a similar story during the winter season too.

Jumeirah Beach is the favourite when it comes to the beaches in Dubai and is always packed with tourist for the holiday season. The place is mostly packed and yet you can mange some space of your own to relax and enjoy. The Jumeira Hotel and Resort too is an added luxury lining the beach where you can stay.

Another famous and popular beach in Dubai is the Jebel Ali beach as you can get great offers even at the last minute. The beach is beautiful with stark white sands and water that is blue; with a golf resort and spa hotel nearby.

The longest beach in Dubai however is the Mamzar beach as it extends into the Persian Gulf. A major highlight of this beach is that women and children get to enjoy by themselves on the entire beach on Wednesdays. The beach has also has a playground for children and an amphitheatre along with restaurants that serve international and local cuisine. People from all over the world throng Dubai and its beaches during the holiday season.

All said, it is important that we discuss few things when going to the beach. In most countries, you can wear just about anything to relax yourself on the beach. However, once you’re off the beach in Dubai, it is mandatory that you change into a casual outfit not to create any distractions.