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A good college or university must come with good facilities. That’s the bottom line. Even if it’s located in the middle of an urban center, an educational institution worth its salt should have adequate facilities so that its students will have the space and the resources they need for optimal academic development. Normally, colleges and universities’ facilities are open to all students. These facilities range from the library to a career center to all sorts of sports and athletic facilities. What they all have in common is they are well-designed and they have enough space so that the students can really feel connected to the school and of course avail of the resources that are provided in that specific facility.

Facilities go a long way in creating happy memories for its students and also producing a happier and more meaningful college life. Though, it’s not dispositive and it does not follow that just because a school has great facilities you would already have a great education. It also depends on the student body. Be that as it may, having great facilities is a good indication of the quality of the academic institution. With that said, here’s an inside look at American University’s facilities for those who are thinking of applying to these schools.
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The service and maintenance staff number at American University is over 70 people. This is a good number because this number reflects how much manpower resources the school allocates to its physical plant and upkeep. Of course, the higher the number, the better. But considering the size of the school, having a maintenance staff head count of over 70 is pretty good. The total campus size of American university is 84 acres. It has students center called the Mary Graydon center. It comes equipped with a campus library and a large collection of other libraries. Its main libraries are the American University Library, the Pence Law Library, and other smaller libraries.

The great places to hang out at American University are the Mary Graydon center and the student quad, the Woods-Brown Amphitheatre is also a great place to spend some leisure time. There is no bar on campus. There’s also no bowling available on campus. The good news is that if you want to have a sip of coffee or hang out and read at a café there is a coffee house on campus. There is also a great lounge at the School of International Service called the Davenport Lounge. Other interesting places to hang out at are the Megabytes Café, underneath the tunnel, and the Pura Vida Fair Trade Coffee at the Mary Graydon Center. If you like to watch movies you’re out of luck at American University because there is no movie theatre on campus, however, there are entertainment facilities off-campus. So, there you have it – a nice little thumb sketch of the facilities and offerings of American University. As we have said before, make sure that you select schools based primarily on academics, value and then of course, other factors such as facilities.

This guest post was written by personal statement examples writer Chris Walker for IvyResearch.Com