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Depending on where you live, your garden is most likely going to be similar to the surrounding gardens. This can be both good and bad, its nice to have a bit of conformity in your community. There’s nothing more annoying than having the same colored houses in your neighborhood and then somebody decides to paint theirs pink! But on the other hand your garden lacks individuality, lets look at personalizing your garden to make it something special.

Depending in what country you live in gardens have different standards, I’ve noticed for instance that in certain places in America its not uncommon for standard families to have a pool. Whereas in England it is quite a rarity to have a pool in the garden unless your fairly wealthy. A pool is not only useful for its function, it is actually a great way to add some extra color and style to your garden. They come in all shapes and sizes and if your in an area where pools are scarce they can really have a wow factor.

With a pool comes the consideration for choosing your pool-side furnishing . Loungers can take up quite a bit of room, so make sure you keep that in mind. One thing that could replace loungers are simple chairs and a table, if you have children this could be the gathering point to serve food and drinks. One thing to also think about if you have children is to have a table or chairs with a center pivot instead of the usual 4 legs to prevent those children running around and stubbing their toes! Palm tree type plants are always a great match for that baby blue pool, it gives a lovely tropical feel to your surroundings, of course there are many other plants available as well and it would be totally up to you which you prefer.


There are hundreds of different types of water features available for your garden, some can even be an addition to the pool, like a rock waterfall. The ones I really prefer though are the lovely layered round fountains. These are beautiful additions and if your really trying to make the garden stand out this is a must.

Lighting can also add huge impact to the already existing features in your garden. Lights facing up or down trees subtlety lighting the trunks and branches can look fantastic at night. Adding lights into the pool or around your water feature can look very nice too as well as casting lovely reflections and shadows.

The last thing to add that finishing touch to the garden could be statues. Although not loved by everybody, statues can really add to your garden and show your individuality. The choice of statues are limitless, ranging from large torsos of beautiful women to tiny little garden gnomes, or if you wanted you could choose animals to have as the inhabitants of your garden.

Overall there are many things things you can do to make your garden your own, just have fun with it and stick to that budget!

Josh Andrews is an avid gardener, when he isn’t working on new garden design ideas he is currently working for a company that run a lawn treatment service.