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The iPhone 6 Plus is the biggest iPhone in size ever launched by Apple. And it is most advanced recent version of iPhone. The launch of 6 Plus, hints towards the launch of several more gadgets from Apple in coming months and year of same kind.

Compared with the iPhone 5S appearance of iPhone 6 Plus has not changed much, except that the aluminum ends were a little more in thickness. And, accordingly, the size of the diagonal of the display has increased markedly – by as much as 1.5 “. (But we remember that there is still version of the iPhone 6, which display – 4.7”.) The ends of the glass screen are slightly rounded – it looks good, but it creates some problems.

The body of Apple iPhone 6 Plus is made of aluminum can be seen on the back cover special plastic inserts – they are under the antenna. The camera lens is raised above the surface of the back cover is literally a millimeter. A camera position does not interfere with anything, and, besides, android flagship camera sticks out. The camera lens is protected by sapphire crystal.

The power button is migrated from the upper end to the right – and this is a very correct decision, because on a bigger iPhone it was not so easy to press, and only at a rate of lateral location of the power button – optimal. Under the power button there is slot to insert a SIM card. On the left side – the power button, mute, volume button. At the bottom end, as the previous model – the output under the headset, microphone, speaker and port Lightning.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus: The New Approach Of Apple

The build quality here, as usual, excellent: very high quality materials, all parts fit so that no claim to the assembly can not be. However, we are surprised by a design feature of this model. The fact is that here these strongly rounded ends of the body and glass, as well as the thickness of the thin shell really play with your smartphone. Picking up the phone from the table with one hand, you could find some issues because of it. The new iPhone is clamped to the table, he is thin and with rounded ends badly when it tried to take, there is a feeling that you’re trying to grab the remnant. This effect manifests itself when the iPhone in your hand: it tries to slide out and it really bothers.

Yes, cases and bumpers solve the problem, but we do not really understand what is the point to fight for the thickness of the phone, so you still need to use bumpers. Well, a couple of words about the sensational bending iPhone in a pocket of jeans. Housing of the smartphone is made of aluminum. If you try to bend the your body, then the body of iPhone 6 Plus will actually bend. Similarly, will bend aluminum case of any smartphone – the same Huawei Ascend Mate 7.

iPhone 6 Plus is nice but let’s see what surprises we would get by the launch of iPhone 6S with iOS 9.