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Choosing a funeral service for a recently lost relative can be somewhat distressing and with so much to think about, at such an emotional time, many individuals find it difficult to cope.  Consequently, employing a funeral home from as early on as you can will undoubtedly take a huge amount of pressure from you. A fully licensed funeral home will be able to provide you all the help and assistance that you need to arrange a perfect funeral service for your loved one.

The initial step, once you have made contact with a reputable funeral home, is to make the decision between holding a burial service or a cremation service. In many instances this decision can come down to costing. Nowadays traditional burial services can cost in excess of $10.000 which is simply too much for the average family to afford. In comparison a cremation service can cost around $2.500 making cremation a far more cost effective option.

How A Funeral Home Can Help
Your funeral director will be able to explain exactly how the cremation/burial service process will be performed and answer any questions or concerns you may have relating to the service.  A number of locations to hold the actual service will also be offered along with any other information required to help you make an informed decision between the two.

Once you have chosen which type of funeral service to hold then your funeral director will get the wheels in motion. Payment will be processed and a ‘Certificate of Death’ will also be issued. The funeral director will then contact the necessary Government bodies (on your behalf) and also organise all the relevant paperwork which is necessary to permit the service to go ahead.

A date and time of the service will then be arranged and it will up to remaining family members to contact relatives and friends well in advance to ensure they can make the necessary arrangements to attend the service. Flowers will also need to be arranged by the family or by informing your funeral home of your preferences so they can make all the arrangements. If you have chosen a burial service then the funeral director will ask you to choose a preferred coffin or casket. An urn will need to be chosen and ordered if you have decided on a cremation.

Once everything is in place the funeral home will transfer the body from the place of death to where the funeral service is going to be held. If arranged, a visitation of the body can be held the evening before the service.

Employing a reputable funeral home to take over all the arrangements of a loved one’s funeral service is essential so you can take time to grieve with other family members knowing that their funeral arrangements are in safe hands.

If you have recently lost a loved one in or around the Toronto area then get in touch with us at and find out how we can take over all the arrangements of your loved ones funeral.