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Reasons you should Market with Fridge Magnets
If you take a peek in any home, big, or small, you are likely to find a refrigerator, possibly two or three. Refrigerators, or fridges, are extremely popular because they are common household items that are almost impossible to live without. If you take a closer look at any refrigerator, in any home, you are likely to find that this household appliance is covered in a menagerie of magnets. While some of the magnets may be fun novelty gifts the homeowner received, or cute magnets they purchased, many of them are probably free magnets that were given to the homeowner by a business as part of a marketing campaign.

Fridge Magnets are Powerful Marketing Tools
The popularity of refrigerators in homes is why business owners, big and small, should always include fridge magnet printing in their marketing campaign. While business cards, banners, marketing calendars and print, or TV ads may be obvious choices, fridge magnets may actually be more effective and cost much less than other unsuccessful marketing tactics.

Reasons People Use Fridge Magnets
The reason fridge magnet printing is so effective is because people are very likely to use magnets. The simple fact that there isn’t much else you can do with a magnet but put it on your refrigerator ensures that the majority of the magnets you give away will actually make it to the homeowner’s appliance. Unlike company calendars and business cards, fridge magnets are less likely to be lost, thrown away, or buried under piles of clutter.

How Fridge Magnets Influence Customers
Once the magnet has made it to its intended destination, the homeowner is constantly, consciously and subconsciously, reminded of your business and its services. This is the key factor in a marketing campaign. When potential customers are reminded of your business on a regular basis, it is a driving factor in the customer calling you, before anyone else, when they need your type of service.

When you give an existing customer a refrigerator magnet you are more likely to retain their business in the future. Fridge magnet printing can cause repeat customers for the same reasons it drives new customers to your business; because you are the first business they think of when they need replacement products or repeat services and they don’t have to search for your contact information, it is already on their refrigerator.

How to Access Fridge Magnet Printing
Having fridge magnets printed is an incredibly easy task. If you are already using an online printing company for your business cards and other marketing material, chances are that company also offers fridge magnet printing. Better yet, fridge magnets can be printed with the exact same information and style of your existing business cards. Business owners also experience the same ease of ordering and reordering fridge magnets as they do with business cards.

Make sure your business stays in the mind of existing and potential customers by offering complimentary fridge magnets. This simple marketing technique is a great way to ensure people will remember your business all year long.

Article by David Dobson – Fridge magent markting