AVADirect Clevo P151HM

The new AVADirect Clevo P151HM seems to be performing well. The weight of this laptop is around 9 pounds having dull black outer surface. As you would use this laptop, you would appreciate it. The size of this laptop is 15 inches with massive body. Although for many users the weight would be more but it is related to the efficiency of the laptop. The laptop has been provided with video memory of 1.5GB. In addition, it has the Nvidia GTX 460M. The laptop also has the ability to support the DirectX 11. This laptop has also scored number 132 in the WorldBench 6. As, the games can be best played on this so, for that it got the score of 1800. The games that were tested on the laptop included F1 2010 Formula one racing game, Metro 2033 and many others. The laptop gave the best on all of these games.

The price of the laptop is quite higher however the performance and the technology with which it is equipped with are worth its price. This P151HM has been equipped with the processor of Intel quad- core, Core i7-2630QM. In addition, it has been provided with Blu-ray burner. The laptop has been tested for the movies played on Blu-ray, which seemed to be pretty intelligent and the colors of the movie were fine. However the overall display quality is not good enough. You would especially find it difficult to view the screen if you are sitting somewhere around the side of the laptop. This laptop contains the THX TruStudio Pro and so the quality of sound of is nice and impressive. The sound may not be too much but still it always gives a natural feeling whenever the sound is heard from this laptop. In addition, the sound is absolutely understandable. The keyboard of this laptop lacks the buttons such as End, Home, Page Up and Page Down. This seems to be a little problem otherwise; it is absolutely responsive and quick. If you love watching movies on the laptop, you can easily watch them on this laptop as the battery time of this is nearly 3 hours which is almost the length of a movie. As the games can be played well on this laptop, so one might the games play for a long time. However you need to be careful as the laptop gets too hot while you play these games for a long time.

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This laptop lacks the Bluetooth however there is gigabit Ethernet in it. This AVADirect Clevo P151HM has two USB3.0 ports out of five in total. One of the ports in this laptop is eSATA/ USB. Overall the laptop is nice and impressive. But often the users face trouble in carrying the laptop around. This is because it is quite heavy in weight. But users mostly require a laptop that is easy to carry around but this is not the case with this laptop. However, purely looking at the way this laptop performs is outstanding. The users who only require laptops based on performance would surely prefer this one.

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