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Barron’s magazine is a premier financial magazine that enjoys a faithful readership among wealthy and highly intellectual people commonly employed in upper management. After all, the magazine is named after Clarence W. Barron who is regarded as the founder of financial journalism as we know it today. Furthermore, Barron was a very influential person in Dow Jones history.

Published by the Dow Jones Company & Wall Street Journal
Both the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and Barron’s magazine are published by Dow Jones & Company. Barron’s magazine shares a lot of similarities with the WSJ. They also share a matching reader profile of sophisticated investors and high net worth households. The average personal income of $282,000 compares to the WSJ, but Barron’s magazine seems to cater to more of a niche audience.

This is because as much as 90.8 percent of its readership is male and a larger percentage, 94 percent, is employed in top management. Wealthy individual investors, financial professionals, senior corporate executives and institutional investors are the reader groups for Barron’s magazine. The weekly magazine is a great source of information to get these readers educated on what happened in the markets the previous week and to anticipate market proceedings in the coming weeks.

Barron’s Magazine Features Little Advertising
Barron’s is such a reputable source that 96 percent will actually take some action in the market after going through the magazine. A lot of the readers are also subscribing to the magazine for the advertisements which are almost all about finance. There are ads for brokerage services and mutual funds that make them blend well with the content of the magazine. There is also less space allocated to ads which probably explains the high price of the magazine.

Nonetheless, Barron’s magazine offers timely information and this is something that is highly valued in the world of business, finance and investments. The financial professionals and investors that read Barron’s rank it as one of the best financial magazines and are more than willing to pay top dollar for its high-quality content.

Wall Street Journal – Without the “Fluff”
People spend more time with this magazine when compared to the WSJ. Barron’s is really the “WSJ without the fluff”. A lot of readers will love this type of magazine, but then there are always going to be those that will need the extensive analysis that the WSJ and the Economist offer.

Barron’s has a lot of statistical tables with prices of commodities and option markets pricing in addition to stock tables. But these can be found on the web so it is the concise articles that address economic concerns, developments on Wall Street, innovation and information about certain firms  among other topics worth mentioning that ultimately appeal to the readers of Barron’s.

Everyone should look to read Barron’s because so many of our leaders are doing precisely that. Barron’s stock picks have gained an excellent reputation with readers commenting about how reading an issue on a Sunday will give insights into how a company’s stock will perform in the following week. Barron’s magazines keeps readers well informed with timely financial data and in-depth analysis for such a short magazine.

Guest Post Author: This guest post was written by Jane Middlecamp from the Wall Street Subscription website.  For more information on Barron’s Magazine and a detailed analysis of what it offers, please read this Barron’s Review which is published on the Wall Street Subscription website.