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Families and college students who are looking for the best place to enjoy their vacation or spring break, and those who are fond of travelling in general prefer Croatia as their venue. Today, this famous place is recognized as one of the top tourist destinations worldwide because of its scenic spots and memorable islands. While in Croatia, you can enjoy every minute of your stay going to beautiful beaches, exploring historic sites, enjoying fine dining, and much more.

Why is Croatia a favorite spot for family vacation, college kids on spring break and people looking to travel?

A fantastic environment, opportunities for sailing and beautiful beaches are only some of the reasons why Croatia is inviting to travelers.

• You can go cruising along its magnificent coast combining with cycling and trekking on the islands.

• Chartering a boat and sailing the seas with your friends or family is a great idea. There could be no other ways to match the exciting mood that you can enjoy while sailing down Croatia’s captivating seas in your own boat through a bareboat charter.

• Scuba diving in Mljet Island – This sanctuary is amazing with its natural beauty and several beaches along the National Park Mljet. If you’re fond of snorkeling and diving, this enchanted island is for you.

• Enjoy the splendor of sailing in a yacht off the coast of Dalmatia called Hvar Island. Its favorable climate, rich vegetation and crystal clear waters attract many people to spend their vacation and school break.

• Sunbathing in Brac Island – You can’t miss this lovely island with its amazing beaches stretching in a long span of crystal clear, azure colored sea. Zlatni Rat, a world-famous beach found in the town of Bol, is recognized as a great symbol of Croatian tourism.

• For a unique view, you can enjoy the fantastic scene at Dubrovnik, a remote island in Croatia. You can relax on a serene, deserted beach, or spend a night at a luxury hotel.

• If you’re a lover of culture, you can go strolling along the streets of Pula City. There, you’ll be stunned by the cultural masterpieces that you will see such as the grand amphitheater called the Arena of Pula.

While having your vacation or spring break in this great island, you’ll be tempted to get a bareboat charter to explore the Adriatic coast. This means that you’ll manage the boat by yourself without a crew. This is a great idea if you’re going with your entourage of friends and relatives in Croatia. You’ll have the opportunity to bond together privately in a chartered boat, setting sail for whatever direction you’d like.

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