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Cats have grown in popularity in recent years and as the Internet has become filled with cat videos and pictures, cat owners are more and more amazed with the different and unique personalities that each individual cat possesses. Whether you’re watching a cat playing the keyboard, box surf or even mimic a dog, these famous online cats are boosting the relevance of felines and for good reason.


33% of American households have a cat as a pet, which in turn results in cat pictures and videos. Chances are, if you’re not a cat owner, someone you know is. Whether it’s a family member, friend or even a co-worker, cats are a popular pet. Cats are generally for pet-owners who prefer a little more hands-off approach. Cats are independent and don’t need the constant attention that dogs do, nor do they want it. Cats can be left by themselves with food and water for several days without any issues.


Watching a quick one minute cat video or looking through a couple of adorable photos gives you a perfect distraction from a crazy work day. This quick dose of cute is something that everyone understands and can relate to. Next time you’re having a crazy day, take a minute to look at a cat video and see how it changes your mood.

Spontaneous and unpredictable

Cat owners know that you can’t really train a cat to do much of anything because the cat decides what they do and do not want to do. That’s what makes these cat videos online all the more entertaining, because they’re completely spontaneous. Cats are so unpredictable that you really can’t imagine what they’re going to do next. That’s why catching them on tape is so entertaining and YouTube worthy.


Have you heard of memes? Cats pretty much dominate these online images and for one reason in particular, they can express a wide variety of emotions. Cats can be happy and angry within 10 seconds of each other. They can look sad and excited, mysterious or guilty. LOLcats went viral because the emotions that cats possess can be related to by pretty much anyone.


Dog owners know that as long as they have a somewhat well behaved dog, socializing during walks is a must. There are dog parks specifically for socializing and while the dogs play, the owners can get to know each other and talk. For cat owners, it’s another story. Cats aren’t the socializing type, and aren’t taken on walks or to parks to play with one another. In order for owners to get their fix, they take pictures and videos and post them online. This way, other cat owners can comment and find joy in seeing other cat owners who love their animals as much as they do.

The next time you wonder why cats dominate the Internet, refer to this article. By understanding the dynamics of this species, you will understand that cats are simply more interesting to watch than dogs, and that’s no lie. While dogs can be a mans best friend, cats have a way of entertaining that can’t be matched.

Jessica McNeal is a freelance writer who loves her cat. She actually loves her cat so much, she bought him cat tags in case he ever ran away. She suggests that any cat or dog owner buy their pets ID tags to keep them safe!