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Beat The Blues And Banish Them For Good!

Depression is by far one of the most common mental illnesses around, in fact it is said that 20 percent of women will suffer with some form of depression in their lifetime, whilst for men it is around the 10 percent mark.

Having been one of the ten percent of men myself, I can genuinely say how much it affected my life. It was over ten years ago now and I can safely say that I feel that I am completely passed it, yet know very well that I am susceptible to again it at any time in my life.

I was very young at the time, being in my late teens and having gone through some personal trauma’s and life changing events which were almost certain to be what kicked off the disorder. It is difficult for me to personally describe my particular case; I didn’t really believe that I was in fact depressed.

However, that was part of it. I felt so low that I simply did not even care. All I remember about that time of life was the pure emptiness I had, like I wouldn’t have cared if the world stopped spinning the following day. I tried to put on a brave face in front of my friends, yet they knew me well and it was not difficult for them to spot that something was not quite right with me.

It was actually a mother of one of my friends that spoke to me, told me the concern that my friends had for me. Well, I broke down, that was the point of realization, and she literally took me to the doctors that same day.

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I was in fact diagnosed with mild depression, though if that was mild then I would hate to be someone who suffers with a more severe case. I was put on anti-depressants and was offered counselling, I wanted to get out of the hole I felt I was trapped in and took them up on the offer. I really do advise anyone who may feel they are depressed to get some therapy as soon as they can, it is beatable and like me you can begin to live your life again.

The therapy I received was by far more of a help than the medication I was prescribed, in fact I gave the anti-depressants up after only a month. This was due to me feeling worse on them, they were not helping me so I decided to completely drop them and concentrate on the therapy to beat my disorder.

There are many ways to find a psychotherapist, however a good place to start is to speak with your doctor, get the process started…I wish you all the best.

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