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Both freelancers and graphic design agencies will have their good sides and bad, yet in my own personal opinion, an agency has some very distinct advantages.

A freelancer may be able to provide a service at a slightly cheaper cost, but in general the combined experience you gain with an agency gives it a huge advantage. This is because you get a whole team looking after your job rather than just one person who may also have other jobs he is currently working on.

What happens if the freelancer gets sick? Has a family crisis or is simply stacked up with work and is unable to provide your work on time? This never happens with an agency, they always have somebody else on hand to complete your job if anyone does have a situation like those mentioned.

They will also have more brains behind the work, more ideas, more experience and a long list of previously satisfied customers. They will usually also have better technology, software and far more resources to be able to count on.

Less Unpredictability

Speaking from my own personal experiences, with agencies you know what you are getting and you know that your work will be finished on time. With freelancers you never quite know what you are going to get, you may get fortunate and get one that delivers everything you wanted, however it is not a guarantee and you could end up waiting weeks past your pre-discussed deadline for your work to be completed.

An agency wants to gain an excellent reputation to be able to source more work, they wish to build up their portfolio to able to show any new potential clients exactly what they can do, whereas many a freelancer will generally be after a big payday and lose interest once they have received the money for a project.

To be fair to freelancers, they are not all are the same and you are more than likely to find some excellent ones out there, some who pride themselves on providing an excellent service from start to finish, though even the best cannot be protected from life’s events such as sickness or other personal situations.

So it just makes perfect sense to eliminate any of these potential problems and leave your work in the hands of an agency. An agency that can get what you paid for done in a prompt fashion whilst also always being at a high quality.

There are a good selection of Graphic Design Agencies Devon based that can give that security and peace of mind that many freelancers simply can’t.