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When you are pregnant, figuring out what to wear becomes a whole new challenge. Your body is changing shape and your belly is expanding, making it difficult to find clothes that fit you not to mention UK beachwear which is cute and flattering.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is investing in a high quality swimsuit which will have at least 20% lycra or spandex so that it will support your body and maintain its shape. Remember that your breasts will likely be larger and heavier while you are pregnant, so you will want to wear UK beachwear tops which are in a higher cup size and have more support.

Baring Your Belly
Whether or not you show your belly in a bikini while you are pregnant depends on your personal preference. On the one hand, you will feel like a beautiful goddess and you will be much more comfortable with your belly free. However, if you have a lot of stretch marks you might be self conscious about showing off your midsection.

Should You Buy a One Piece?
Everyone’s body shape and pregnant belly is different, but in general one piece styles don’t flatter most women while they are carrying a child. This is because the one piece doesn’t adhere properly to the body and will gap in some areas and pull to tight in others. However, you might be able to find one-piece UK beachwear from a clothing line which specialises in maternity designs.

The Tankini – A Perfect Compromise
One of the easiest and most flattering options for UK beachwear while you are pregnant is a tankini. It will be as comfortable as wearing a bikini but it will cover up your belly if you are shy about stretch marks. You will also be able to buy the tops and the bottoms separately if your top half is expanding faster than your bottom half.

The important thing to remember is to buy a maternity swimsuit rather than a plus size swimsuit. Plus size suits are not designed for pregnant women and they will not support you in the same way or comfortably expand with you.

Also, if you are taking a maternity swimsuit with you on your holidays, make sure that you try it on right before you go. Your body will change very rapidly while you are pregnant, so the UK beachwear which fit you perfectly a couple months ago when you bought it might not fit you anymore. You don’t want to ruin your holiday finding out that nothing you brought with you fits!

These are just a few tips to keep in mind for buying UK beachwear during your pregnancy, so that you can look stylish and beautiful in the pool or by the beach.

Finding UK beachwear to fit your body when you are pregnant can be a challenge, so here are some helpful tips.