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Getting overseas jobs is very much in vogue. People across the globe are looking for jobs in countries like United States, United Kingdom, Japan and even China and Taiwan. When it comes to Taiwan jobs, the government of the said country is very much observant about the foreigners. The government is very particular about the job security and protection of its own citizens. And in order to preserve jobs for its citizens, it has implemented some restrictions on the types of jobs the foreigners can get in the country. Therefore, if you are looking for a job in Taiwan, make sure you meet basic criteria to legally work there before making final moving decision.


Job seekers from overseas countries have to apply with Taiwan Council of Labor Affairs. They have access in particular job fields such as technical works. They can also apply for top level positions including directorial and managerial positions in an organisation started or invested in by foreigners, teaching jobs at registered private school or public schools, coaching job for athletes, performance related jobs, job of a crew member in a merchant or work ship. Overseas job seekers looking for Taiwan jobs on ship may directly apply to Taiwan Ministry of Transportations and Communications.

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Students work permit

Out of the country students who are still studying can apply for Taiwan work permit. However, they must have studied for at least two semesters or else taken a one year language course. Also, they must have shown outstanding scholastic record along with fulfilling any of the following criteria,

  • The student has to provide proof that he has faced a serious incident that has affected his financial ability to support and continue his education
  • The school in which he is studying requires him to assist in research work
  • The student is required to take part in an off-campus work related to his field of study

Health criteria for the students

Overseas job seekers looking for a work permit for joining as a teacher for 3 months or more in Taiwan have to undergo a health checkup. Qualifying candidates must submit the heath checkup certificate recognised by Taiwan Health Department within 3 months of submitting the job application. Any health related document produced in an overseas country should be verified by the officials at commissioner office of Taiwan in that particular nation.

Visa application

Another important factor towards getting a job in Taiwan is applying for the visa.  Taiwan, also referred to as the Republic of China, was separated from People’s Republic of China in the year 1949. Overseas candidates, who want to be in Taiwan for more than 30 days, should have a Taiwan visa.  However, British people who want to visit the country for holidaying or business purpose, and stay there for less than 30 days, need not to apply for a visa.

Discussed above are some of the very important factors that you must know before you apply for a Taiwan job. It would be always better that you visit the official website of Taiwan government for more and in-depth information.

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