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How Ezine Ads Can Help You Target CustomersSo you are thinking about placing an ad in an Ezine. Great! Because doing so will drive tons of traffic to your website and help you sell more of your product or service. And the best thing is that you can use ezine ads for both small and large businesses.

The first thing to figure out is which kind of ezine you should choose for the placement of your ezine ad. There are a few reasons why this is important. You have to make sure you are attracting the right audience so the main thing you must do is to find an ezine that is related to your website’s niche. This will ensure that the people who have subscribed to the ezine will be highly targeted, prospective customers. It will also ensure that they will more than likely be interested in what you are selling and will probably come back for more.

Another consideration to be made when choosing an ezine is to make sure it’s not overpopulated with other ezine ads. You want your ezine ad to stand out above the rest and not get lost among other websites’ products and services.

Once you do figure out where to advertise, you need to figure out which kind of ezine ads will be the most attractive to potential customers.

There are three main kinds of ezine ads: Classified, Solo and Sponsor. Here is some information on each of the types of ads:


The classified is the smallest and the cheapest of the three kinds of ezine ads. Classified ezine ads usually show up at the bottom of the ezine and they’re really only worth it if the ezine has a large number of subscribers. (Large = +1000.) It’s also a little more difficult for you to properly describe your product and/or service in such a small space. It may be a good place to start but not a good idea if you are looking for a big spike in your website’s traffic.


The solo ad is the most expensive and best kind of ezine ad to purchase because it is just what it says in the name, solo. It’s just your ad in the ezine and no one else’s which means the ezine’s subscribers will only see your website’s products and services. You also get to be more creative and with a solo ad, you will have the subscribers’ undivided attention.


These ads can either be found in the middle or at the top of the ezine. Often, yours will not be the only ezine ad on display so it’s important to make sure that your ezine ad stands out from the rest. You will have more space in a sponsor ad than you would in a classified ezine ad so you can be detailed about your product and/or services. Cost wise, a sponsor ad is middle of the road between classified and solo.

Of course, you don’t have to choose only one ezine or even one type of ezine ad. If you have the money to place multiple ads in multiple ezines you can do so to attract a bigger audience and drive more traffic to your website.

In addition, sites like LiveIntent can help you find advertisers for you, and where to host the ad platforms.

Stacey Gosulias writes for a variety of business and sports websites.