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Everyone knows that you should clean your teeth on a regular basis, both by brushing and flossing daily; but I wonder how many people actually know why this should be done, other than simply to keep them ‘clean’. It may come as a surprise to some that not only does cleaning your teeth regularly keep your teeth clean but also protects your gums and even more surprisingly perhaps, your overall health. Even though you may brush and floss on a daily basis though, many top dentists still recommend a deeper cleaning every six months or so to reach those minute portions of plaque that you simply can’t reach on your own. The base of the back of the rear teeth is a good example of a ‘hidden’ spot.

Cancer of the Mouth
By visiting your dentist for a regular deep clean, you will enable him to detect the first signs of oral cancer and treatment can commence quickly, preventing the disease from taking hold and potentially spreading through your body. By making sure you visit your dentist regularly and not smoking, you will stand a very good chance of avoiding this.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease
If your teeth are not cleaned on a regular basis, bacteria will build up and this in turn will attack the enamel of your teeth but also your gums as well. If your gums become infected, the bacteria will often spread to the root of your teeth and may cause abscesses. If you already have a dental implant too, you may lose this. Even though a dental implant is a ‘fake’ tooth, it is still important to make sure your gums are clean for this reason.

A Healthy Heart
Although studies are in a relatively early stage, there seems to be a growing amount of evidence that gum disease can affect your chances of having heart problems, including a stroke or heart attack. Although this is not yet proven, it does make sense to add this to the list of reasons as to why you should keep your teeth clean and in good health.

When you’re smiling
Of course, even if you manage to avoid all these problems, perhaps through naturally strong genes, the most instant and obvious benefit is that it helps you to retain a beautiful white smile and remember that when you smile, the whole world smiles with you.

John Collinson enjoys writing articles on dental care and finds that it helps him to overcome his pown fear of the dentist.

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