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We all want to give our children a birthday party that they will remember, but it’s not always possible to give them what they want.  These days we are watching the pennies in every area of our lives and a birthday party can blow a big hole in any budget we might be trying to keep to.  There are ways though of throwing a great party without breaking the bank, all it needs is some imagination and creativity and you will give them a truly unique party that they and their friends will remember.

DIY Decorations and Games
It is all too easy to spend a fortune of party hats, paper plates, napkins, streamers… the list goes on and on, and all of that is before you get to the party games.  Store bought birthday cakes too can be incredibly expensive, a homemade cake not only tastes better but it can also cost less than half the price of a store bought one.  You could even borrow a cake stand and make a batch of cupcakes to have instead of a large cake; they are much easier to hand out and are a lot easier to decorate.  Piñatas can be made at home using a balloon and some paper-mache and they can be filled with sweets and treasures of your choice, all for a fraction of the cost.  If your child really must have a character as part of their decorations just buy the one item, such as the plates and then follow the colour theme through with plastic cups, tissue paper streamers etc.

Budgeting for the Food
Not every party needs to be about the full blown buffet, or for that matter providing enough food to feed all of the children and all of the parents too! You could use a party theme to limit the amount of food that you need to provide, such as a cake and ice cream party, providing that you state clearly on the invitations that you will only be providing cake and ice cream, and by holding the party a little later than usual all of the children should already have eaten by the time they arrive for the party.  The same could apply for a dessert or pudding party, let’s face it most of the kids want to get past the sandwiches and sausage rolls and get straight to the jelly and ice cream anyway, so give them what they want. To give our children a birthday party that they will remember you can have small home party or a large one. Sapnay can take care of your party request from start to finish making your Birthday a memorable one.

Children’s parties are big business with everything from birthday party invitations to table decorations being available in just about any theme they could desire, but you can cut back on some of the expense and provide your child with a more personalised and unique party experience by unleashing your creative side.