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Being asked to organise a corporate event when you have never done so before is quite a daunting challenge.  No matter what you do, you have to remember to cover all of your bases and never, under any circumstances leave anything to chance.  The only way to ensure success is to organise and plan like you have never planned before.  The simplest way to start the planning process is by asking two important questions.  Firstly, when does the event need to take place and second what is the purpose of the event?  It is the answers to these questions that will enable you to define both your objectives and your requirements.

Choosing Your Venue
The most important decision you have to make is about the venue, after all the venue could mean the difference between the success and failure of the whole event.  One of the ways to find a suitable venue is by contacting existing event marketing companies, they should be able to provide you with a list of suitable venues and also details of any incentive packages that they may be offering.  Many venues prefer to deal with specialist marketing companies rather than the end client these days so take the time to tell the company what you are looking for and what kinds of things that you will need such as AV equipment and the ability to conduct conference calls.

Monitor Your Budget
Don’t assume that the price of the conference package that you are opting for is static; be aware of any hidden extras that might be luring in the small print.  You could end up with travel costs that you hadn’t bargained for or extra accommodation charges.  Make sure that all the charges are laid out by the venue provider before you agree to completing the deal and remember that when you are comparing packages against each other to ensure that they are like for like, including the same facilities and benefits.  Make a point of asking what other charges could arise that haven’t been included in the package they are offering you . This information exchange works both ways, the more specific you are in detailing your requirements the easier it will be for the quote to be tailored to meet your exact needs.  The trick to organising a successful event is all in the level of organisation and planning that you have at the start.

Event planning can be a daunting prospect if you have never done it before; the list of requirements can be seemingly endless and you will have to take into account transport, accommodation, delivery of information and all kinds of conference calls and technological facilities.  Knowing where to start can be an issue in itself.