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Alcohol and drugs are two of the most serious causes of youth problems these days. A large percentage of teenagers take advantage of alcohol in many ways. Binge drinking and drunk driving are becoming more common. There are other dangerous situations that can occur when a teen drives while drunk. He can cause serious road traffic accidents that could hurt other people or cause damage to other people’s properties. Some minors also willing ride with their intoxicated teen friends. All of these things endanger the safety and health not only of teenage drinkers, but also bystanders and other vehicle operators as well.

Effects of Underage Drinking
There are so many effects of underage drinking. Social problems can arise, such as violence and aggression towards others. Most drinkers also become more daring when it comes to doing criminal acts, such as robbery, assault and battery, shoplifting and other crimes. Most young alcohol drinkers are also more susceptible to developing more serious alcohol or drug addiction in the future. Those who drink also encounter many problems in school. They will have a harder time coping with academic and other school activities. Their grades and performance will most likely decline, which then leads to other problems, such as failing classes or failure to acquire grades that will allow them to get into good universities. Then, there are also many health problems related to underage drinking. The immature internal systems of teens will not be able to properly metabolize alcohol. Also, so many emergency cases are related to binge drinking, and a significant number of teens have also died because of drinking too much alcohol. Underage drinking also has detrimental effects on physical and mental growth and development.

Underage drinkers who drink and drive can also cause serious road accidents. Young drunk drivers can hurt themselves and others. In some cases, road accidents could lead to life-threatening injuries or permanent and life-changing injuries, such as paralysis or amputations. Some also die because of car accidents brought about by careless drunk drivers.

Legal Consequences of Underage Drinking
The consequences will typically depend on a number of factors, such as whether or not the driver was a first-time offender or not. For those caught drunk driving, other elements are also examined, like injury to bystanders or other drivers, or damage to other people’s possessions. Generally, first-time offenders pay a fine of up to $500, and those who already have their driver’s license could have their license suspended for about 60 days. They might be required to finish a stint in community service and attend alcohol awareness classes. For multiple offenders, penalties are more serious. Fines could amount to about $2,000 and license suspension is extended to 90 days. Offenders could also spend up to 180 days in jail.

Other alcohol-related offenses include misrepresentation of age. This is because so many youngsters get fake IDs just to purchase or drink alcohol. It is also illegal to be in possession of alcohol, to buy or attempt to buy alcohol, to consume alcohol, and to get drunk or intoxicated if you are a minor. Penalties could include fines and incarceration.

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