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Sales and finance operations are a vital part of the team that contributes to the success of a business. A strong relationship between the sales and finance departments is essential to the productivity and growth of the company they are representing. The sales department is responsible for expanding clientele while the primary function of the finance department is to maximize profitability for the company. The professionals in both departments are required to develop a healthy relationship to achieve the highest level of success possible.

Sales and Finance Professionals

Enhancing revenue by increasing sales is the main focus for sales professionals. They often work together with the marketing department to develop and create strategies and techniques to increase the customer base. Successful sales professionals are often assertive, confident and possess excellent communication skills. The finance department is responsible for developing an operational budget and estimating future short-term and long-term budgets based by the projection of sales.

Sales jobs vary depending on the type of business and may be based on factors such as the size of a company. One of the most common sales jobs that do not require any prior experience is known as direct selling. Direct selling involves a one-on-one sale or private sell that takes place outside of physical retail location. Direct sales professionals are usually independent contractors and get paid on commission. This means they receive compensation for each product or service sale and do not receive salary or hourly pay.

Careers in finance vary greatly depending on the education and experience an individual has obtained. Finance jobs range from entry-level employment to executive-level positions. For instance, an individual may begin his or her finance career as a bank teller and work their way up to finance manager after acquiring years of experience and profession expertise.

Establishing a Career in Sales and Finance

The number of positions in sales and finance are often abundant particularly in large cities. Many finance jobs require formal education; however, obtaining a position in sales and acquiring experience within the company is often the most productive way to advance in a career. Experienced sales professionals at entry-level often pursue the education that is required to move up to an executive-level sales or finance position.

Individuals with self-discipline and the motivation to succeed can experience a rewarding and lucrative career in sales and finance. A successful, career-minded individual will understand the importance of building lasting relationships with their clients to improve his or her reputation and reap the most benefits from a career in sales and finance.

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