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Can I Sell My House Fast: BY OWNER?
If you’re talking about fast as in “next week”, I wouldn’t count on it. The fact is houses don’t sell fast these days. There are agencies out there that do buy houses fast, and they are very convenient if you have to sell fast. Many people in Texas today are selling their homes for lots of different reasons, downsizing, up-sizing, just plain don’t like the house anymore, medical bills, legal issues, divorce, relocation, and the list goes on and on.

For Sale By Owner
There are some things that one can do to speed up the process of selling a home. Of course doing those things may involve spending a little extra cash, and perhaps some inconvenience on the home owners part.

Things To Do
As soon as you make up your mind that selling is the right thing to do start cleaning. Dirty or cluttered homes just don’t sell very well. People want to buy homes that look like the ones they see on the television even if they can’t afford it. So, the closer your house looks to that the faster it will sell.

• Clean everything
• Pack away everything that isn’t being used and some things that are
o Closets should be free of clutter
o Cloths hanger not touching each other
• Clean all bathroom like you are on a mission
o Put away all cosmetics
o Cleanout and wash all cabinets
• Replace what needs replacing
• Repair everything else
• Paint dingy or nicotine covered walls
• Tear out dirty old carpet and replace
• Leave no cobwebs
• Wash windows

Clean your house like your grandmother would have.

Marketing Your Home To Sell: By Owner
Marketing your home will be almost as important as staging your home.
• Prepare a well written ad with plenty of pictures of the home and yards.
o Make certain that the grass is cut and shrubs are well trimmed in the photographs
o Remove toys, hoses, and anything else that may be cluttering the yard
• Make Fliers and place them around town (make sure to ask for permission from store owners.
o Make sure that the fliers have at least Two good pictures of the home (four would be better)
It is possible to sell your house fast by yourself: BY Owner, but it doesn’t happen that way very often in today’s economy. If your selling because you need the cash now visit and get the cash you need for your home today.

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