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In a world dominated by Apple and Samsung, Nokia dared to be different. In a sea of blacks and whites, the new Nokia Lumia stands out in all its bumblebee yellow glory. Even the Apple lawyers cited Nokia as an example in their war against Samsung. The lawyers said that a smartphone can be different from an iPhone. And so Nokia dared.

As an entrepreneur, what can you learn from this bold move?

Dare to be different
This is the best thing that Lumia teaches us. Being different doesn’t mean you’re weird. It simply means you don’t want to get lost in a sea of uniformity. It means you dare to do something that no one else is doing. Why spend so much time trying to be everybody else when you have something special and unique to offer your clients? You should not go with the flow every single time especially if you know that a trend is not right for you.

The new Lumia’s design is simplified. It’s stripped off of details that other phone manufacturers fuss about. The screen design is seamless so you don’t know when the software ends and the hardware starts. Simplify your design, your product, your strategy. It might prove to be a breath of fresh air for your clients.

Create an appetite
The Lumia looks like a banana or a taffy. Whatever it is, it looks like food. That’s exactly what the designers want people to think. They want to create a hunger for a Lumia phone. They made it look irresistible. You can create the same effect with your products. Make your products irresistible. Good design and color choice are important factors to evoke an emotion.

Upgrade and refine
Nokia is sticking to what they know so what they did with the new Nokia phone is to upgrade the specs and refine them. This is technology that they are familiar with so they decided to just focus on that instead of using something they are unfamiliar with that might give them a lot of problems in the long run.

Stick to what you know. Stick to your expertise and refine it. Research new ways of improving your processes to make your end result better.

Make something standout
The camera on the new Lumia is Nokia’s pride and joy.  If you have one great thing to say about your product, stand by it. Build it up and make it stand out from the other features of your product. Brag about it. This is your winning point.

Be innovative
Another innovation from the new Lumia is the wireless charger. If that’s not impressive, I don’t know what is. It is such a convenient way of keeping your phone alive without the mess of wires and cables. Think outside the box and become a pioneer in your industry.

Keep growing
The executive VP of Nokia says that they have to keep growing. You must too. If you don’t, your business will eventually fail. You need patience in order to make your business grow. A successful business does not happen overnight. You must keep learning to be able to grow.

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