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At a time when everything from festive greetings to invitations is sent via email, cards have been pushed to the recesses of our minds as being something people used to send before the internet came along. There are fewer cards decorating our mantelpiece at Christmas and as for party invitations, they almost always arrive electronically these days. But when was the last time anyone was excited at the thought of receiving an email? As something we use every day for work, they are too commonplace. Cards on the other hand are exciting and festive. They are something special; sure to spread cheer and invoke nostalgia.
Handmade cards

If you are sending a card, make sure you add that personal touch. A couple of heartfelt lines written inside make a lot of difference. However, for a truly original card, try your hand at card-making or decorating. It is easier than you think. Everything from card paper and envelopes to stickers, glitter and embellishments are now available online.

With a variety of decorations and card-making equipment, you can make your cards occasion-specific. This Christmas, why not make your own cards to send to your loved ones? Decorate with adorable Santa and reindeer stickers and add some silver glitter to make it wintry. Alternatively, if you are hosting a bridal shower, you can make it extra special by sending out handmade invitations. Decorated with lace trim and cut-outs of a wedding couple or cute little beaded cakes (all of which are available on the site) the bride is sure to want to save an invitation for her wedding album.

The advantages of making cards
Sending cards to your family and friends form a link between you and them. A handmade card shows that you have spared some thought, time and effort for them and that gives a special feeling nothing can replace. Besides, the activity can be the perfect bonding experience for your family as well. Kids love cutting, decorating and sticking, so if you have been looking for ways to entertain your children and spend some quality time as well, this might be the best way.

Handmade cards also have the added advantage of being economical. Almost all the embellishments are priced reasonably at less than a pound each. You can also place bulk orders or buy packs at extremely affordable rates, thereby making each card you make considerably cheaper than store-bought ones. So with charm, convenience and affordability all taken care of, what are you waiting for? Let your creativity flow and spread some cheer.

This article about was written by Karen Bleasdale, a card-making enthusiast.