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Many people each year make the mistake of driving while intoxicated, and celebrities are no exception.  The key difference is that the lives of celebrities are much more public than that of most people.  Without further ado, here are 10 celebrities who have recieved drunk driving charges:

1. Michelle Rodriguez:This screen starlet has appeared in such movies as Fast and the FuriousResident Evil, and Machete.  She’s also had a pretty good run on TV, particularly as a character on the popular show Lost. Despite her fame, Rodriguez was charged with her second DUI in December of 2005. She spent 5 days and jail and paid a fine of $500.

2. Lindsay Lohan:Lindsay Lohan’s run-ins with the law are infamous, and in her case there was a bit more than just alcohol involved.  Lohan was charged with DUI on May 31st in 2007 and again on July 24th.  She served 96 hours in jail and was sentenced to an additional 180 days of electronic monitoring.

3. Kiefer Sutherland: Despite his success on screen, this Emmy and Golden Globe recipient cannot seem to achieve that same success with the law.  The prolific actor and star of the TV series 24 was arrested for his fourth DUI on September 25, 2007.  He served 48 days in jail and received a probation time of five years.

4. Haley Joel Osment:  He sees drunk people.  Arrested for having a blood alcohol content of 0.16 in July of 2006, this child star got sentenced to 3 years of probation and $1500 in fines.

5. Mel Gibson:Gibson’s alcohol induced tirades are no secret to the public.  Mel himself has admitted to issues with alcohol abuse.  In August of 2006, Mel was charged with a DUI after he was pulled over with a BAC of 0.12.  He received 3 years of probation, $1300 in fines, and his license was suspended for 90 days.

6. Paris Hilton: One would think someone that rose to fame simply by being wealthy could afford a personal driver, or at the very least a cab.  But, despite this fact, Hilton was arrested for DUI with a recorded BAC of 0.08.  The hotel heiress turned reality TV star received a fine of $1500 and 3 years of probation.

7. Khloe Kardashian:  Before she rose to fame as a reality TV star, Khloe spent some time in jail.  The Kardashian was charged with a DUI in March of 2007 and served 30 days in jail.

8. Scott Weiland:The Stone Temple Pilots front man was arrested in November of 2007.  He served 192 hours in jail and was forced to pay a $2000 fine.

9. Shia Labeouf: The star of the series of Transformer movies, Shia was charged with DUI in 2008 and got a suspended license for a year.

10. Mike Tyson: The infamous Mike Tyson, best known for biting off a piece of Evander Holyfield’s ear in a boxing match, was charged with a DUI in December of 2006.  Tyson spent 24 hours in jail and received 3 years of probation.

Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher living in Austin, Texas.  He often writes about criminal charges–specifically drunk driving charges.  He suggests readers visit this site for more information on this topic.