Celebrity Fashion Walk Off; Who Wore It Best?

Celebrity Fashion Walk Off; Who Wore It Best?

Fashion is immensely important to celebrities and they always look impeccable, stylish and beautiful on the red carpet, at an event or even private party. Celebrity fashion is a coveted aspect of the fashion realm with celebrities and their fashion choices watched closely. What is the worst thing that can happen in the celebrity fashion world? The same outfit worn by two celebrities, even worse; at the same event! This has happened a few times already and the fashion world was teeming, the gloves came off and we evaluated who exactly wore it best? In this celebrity fashion article, we have a catwalk catfight and face off, to see which celebrity wore it better.

Celebrity Fashion Catwalk Catfight; Who Wore It Better?

Kimberly Perry vs. Emma Stone

Kimberly Perry, the Band Perry’s lead singer has an unusual celebrity fashion style and this was further cemented when she stopped traffic in an innovative Bottega Veneta dress which she wore on the red carpet to the American music awards. One major problem with this look, up and coming actress Emma Stone also wore this distinctive dress for the MTV Music Awards. Emma looked stunning and feminine but the important question now, who wore it best. Although Kimberly looks great in this number, it seems the general consensus is that Emma looked better as it’s a relatively more risqué dress and portrays a more youthful look.

Kim Kardashian vs. Rihanna

Both of these stars are fashion divas in their own right so when two of the most fashionable celebrities wear the same dress it ends in a celebrity fashion walk off. At the opening of her Dash store in Hollywood, Kim looked sleek and sexy in a tight, navy dress. There was however one hiccup with the $1,050 Givenchy dress, Rihanna had worn the exact dress a few months earlier while in New York. Public opinion is that although Kim always dazzles, this battle is won by Rihanna, pulling off the celebrity fashion dress better then Kim and looking more elegant.

Reece Witherspoon vs. Valerie Bertinelli

Our favourite all America actress, Reece Witherspoon has a stunning celebrity fashion style and was also recently added to the ranks of the ‘Who wore it best’ clan. The dress in question was a feminine and playful, Dole and Gabbana creation in black with red polka dots scattering the ensemble. Reece looked stunning in a pair of red peep toe heels, Jimmy Choo of course and loose hair. Valerie looked just as lovely, also with natural flowing hair and glamorous Sergio Rossi heels. The big question in this celebrity fashion situation; who wore it best? Well, the general opinion is that both ladies looked lovely.

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