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Why a blind?
Blinds are now the must have accessory for every home. Gone are the days when people used to have net curtains to block out prying eyes, blinds for the homes is now a must have. Not only have they practical but they are also fashionable and can be tailored for every window. Blinds are perfect for every room from your kitchen to your bedroom because they can be made in the most suitable fabric or wood to suit room that they will be in. Not only do blinds look great on their own but also can look amazing when they are teamed together with curtains.

Choosing the right blind?
Choosing the right blind for your room is very important and should take some consideration. As a rule I would always choose either a wooden blind or a blind specifically designed for your kitchen. I would advise this due to the aroma of cooking or splashes of water or food markings on fabric blinds. You want something you can wipe down or clean easily without having to have to wash your blind regularly as this could be very time consuming and will shorten the life of your blind. For bathrooms also I would advise specially designed or wooden blinds due to the condensation from a bathroom.

There are many different designs of blinds on the market that you can choose from. If you have a larger budget you can have your blinds made to suit your own personal choice but there are some fantastic pre-made blinds that look fantastic.

Measuring for a blind
Measuring for your blind is very important and depends on how you want your blind to be fitted. You can either have your blind so that it fits above the window (outside recess) or you can have it sitting so that the blind is fitted inside the window frame (inside recess). There are many websites and tutorials online that show you how to measure for the specific blind that you want to purchase.

Fitting your blind
Fitting your blind can be the tricky bit of the process and I would also recommend that you have someone that has either fitted blinds before do this or somebody that is competent with such things. Make sure that the wall around the window will be suitable to be drilled and able to hold a blind securely. Many blind manufactures will fit your blinds for you which will on occasions be included in the price or will charge a fee to do this. If this is a service they do not offer ask them and a guarantee they will be able to recommend somebody to you.

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