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We all know what a competitive market the high street can be and in recent years due to the recession this has been a lot more difficult for many established and new business. This can also be seen with many of the large department stores and famous chains having major losses of their profits over the last few years. It is vital in this market that your business is marketed properly and this is one of your main focuses. It is proven that businesses that do invest in marketing during a recession will come out the other side still in tact and with rising profits.

Why choose a bag as a marketing tool
Why choose a bag as a marketing tool is the question? Think about walking through the high street or one of the shopping centres and seeing all the bags from the different shops that people are carrying. Also think about how quickly you can recognise the bags from different shops, by there colour, material or size. Many leading designer brands have bags that are now a fashion accessory and display to the world your wealth and fashion sense by just carrying one of these bags that you get free when purchasing something how ever big or small form their shop.

How to use a bag as a marketing tool
Studying how larger brands market themselves is important. They use their branding to create a niche in the market and expand from there. Think about your branding and how this can be displayed on your bags? It is important that your bags represent and complement your business. I would advise that putting on details such as your shops address, telephone number, e-mail and website if you have one is very important. This gives off the image of a professional business not only by the fact that you have these personalised bags but that people can see your details displayed proudly on there making it welcoming and gives of the impression you have something sought after and of high quality.

Ordering your bags and choosing the right style
Ordering your bags can be a simple task, as there are many online businesses that specialise in just this. Online business I would argue will always offer you the best prices as their overheads, by not having a shop to run and staff, will be a lot less. Think about the style and material you want and choose something that will sum up your business and brand to the maximum. One tip I would give is to think of a couple of styles you like and ask for samples and maybe get some different tests made before ordering a large quantity. Ask for feed back from family and friends and most importantly your customers!

Dasiy Burgess – Custom Printed Bag and Marketing Advisor