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Escalators are an excellent and efficient way to travel between floors in busy places such as shopping centres and airports, especially when you are tired and have luggage or lots of shopping that you do not feel like dragging up some stairs.

Whilst they can be extremely useful they can also be potentially dangerous if they are not maintained and made use of in the proper way. Children and older adults are in most cases the ones at the most risk, so it is always important to make sure they do not use them on their own. Assist them and be consciously aware of their actions whilst using them.

Facts and figures show that children top the list when it comes to escalator accidents, yet there has been a rise in accidents involving elderly users too. For this reason I have put together some useful tips for you to follow.

Tips for Riding Safely!

If you are out with a child of any age or an elderly person who may have difficulty walking, using an escalator can make that journey between levels a whole lot easier, though you really should bare these tips in mind.

  • The first step is the most important of them all, you will be walking from stationary ground onto something that is moving. This can unbalance the best of us, yet even more so elderly adults and children. Make sure your help either of them by giving them verbal instructions whilst also holding onto them physically.
  • Always hold your child’s hand, they naturally like to play around and they think escalators are fun. Holding onto them means you have some control over what they are doing.
  • Always have a quick look to make sure that there is no loose clothing such as shoelaces or a low hanging dress that can get caught in the escalator.
  • Be prepared for that last step too, again it can unbalance people. So again make sure whoever is with you is aware that they have to step off.
  • Always allow room for people to walk past you down one side and do not stand too close to the people in front.

By following these tips you reduce the chances of any potential accidents happening. We all know that if escalators are used properly they are an excellent aid for us when we are out and about, if used in a reckless manner though they can cause serious and potential life threatening injuries.

Hopefully you have taken a strong note of the tips I have provided and you are now well equipped to assist anyone with you whilst riding on escalators.