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When is the last time you had fun, I mean real fun, truly letting your hair down, had belly-laughs and all? Can’t remember? Well, you need a really good night out!

These days we find ourselves with less time to enjoy ourselves and less disposable income to boot, thanks to the economic woes of the lingering austerity period. It is true that as a nation we are working longer hours than ever before. Also, with the latest gadgets such as iPads, laptops and so on, this means that we are also working at home a lot more too. All this work and no play isn’t good for us – we need to have fun!

One way in which we can achieve this is by having fancy dress nights. Fancy dress can be so much fun and is usually used to celebrate many occasions such as birthdays, stag nights, hen nights etc. The list goes on but those are the more popular reasons for fancy dress. The costumes come in all shapes, sizes and designs. The creativity is only limited to the scope of your imagination! There truly is something for everybody. Fancy dress costumes also have the right accessories available to accompany the costume, with extras like fake fangs for Dracula or a ball and chains for chain gang prisoners and so on. The costumes can be as simple or as in depth as you want them to be. The prices of these costumes are also very reasonable and in some cases the individual can hire a costume or item instead of buying them outright.

When you hit the town or party in fancy dress you are telling the world that you are up for some fun. It’s great socially and also a great way of meeting people. Of course there are some who dislike the dressing up and the ‘feeling silly’ aspect of it all, but as they night goes on (and after a few stiff drinks go down) the few reservations are soon forgotten about.

Fancy costumes are very easy to get hold of. Just look online as there are many stores to choose from. The better ones usually offer free delivery, have size guides and offer other perks to help you get into the spirit of it all. So what are you waiting for? Get your fancy dress costume(s) sorted, get out there and have the time of your life! After all it’s not all about work, work, work – you deserve to have a laugh every once in a while at least!

Laurence Burns is a writer as well as a huge fan of having fun nights out in fancy dress with his friends. He recommends checking out for some great fancy dress ideas.