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Although babies naturally suck their thumbs to feel comfort and security, children at around the age of four or five often stop with little to no intervention. For some though, the habit continues into teen and adult years unconsciously while sleeping or during the day or consciously and habitually when thinking or during stressful moments.

Parents use positive and negative reinforcement to stop thumb sucking such engaging children with fun, educational activities that use of the hands, frightening children with stories of painful braces or surgery to correct teeth or joint damage and forcing children to suck thumbs sprinkled with pepper or tobacco sauce until they get sick of the taste and stop.

Another method parents have turned to is using a plastic thumb guard that collars the thumb preventing a child from putting his thumb in his mouth. Although this method works well, the problem with a plastic guard is that it is noticeable and can embarrass both parents and children when worn in public places such as at school, on outings, during play dates or when visiting family and friends.

As a result, more parents are seeking how to stop thumb sucking without drawing attention to the problem.
Fabric thumb guards, such as Glovey Huggey gloves that cover palms and thumbs, are one solution that can make all the difference. Fabric dries out the mouth when sucked and can taste bad as it gets dirty.

Additionally, fabric thumb guards are designed in variety of colors and patterns such as dark royal blue, hot pink or red and white polka dots that look fashionable no matter what a child is wearing.

Whether your child wears a jumper, dress, suit or jeans and a t-shirt, oblivious playmates and adults will see him smiling and happy wearing what appears to be no more than the latest children’s fashion craze.

Children are hyper-aware of fashion and they see celebrities, musicians and fashionistas making various personal statements using accessories such as gloves. You can help your child express himself in the same way and feel confident about breaking his thumb sucking habit by allowing him to pick one or more designs of fabric thumb gloves to use day and night.

Think about it. Which child would you prefer? Would you rather have a child crying unhappily after a pepper treatment or smiling and showing off his new fabric guard glove to everyone?

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