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Media rooms are becoming increasingly popular with families in the UK.  Most families have children, or even a husband that enjoys playing computer consoles, and televisions are bigger and better than ever. Creating a dedicated media room is a wonderful way of freeing up space in the home for more quiet relaxation and entertaining guests. If you are looking to create the perfect media room in your home here are some tips that I picked up when I transformed my dining room.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?
Work out your budget and decide where you want the majority of it to go.  I wanted to ensure the room was comfortable so a lot of my budget when on seating. I picked up amazing chairs in leather which are modern and very comfortable.  They can also be reclined so it’s possible to truly relax when we are watching movies. You may wish to invest the money on decoration or sound systems, so work out how much you have available and then spread it out over the project.

Measure the Space
Measure the space perfectly.  If you are buying a new sound system or television you will need to ensure it will work well in the space you have. Too much sound will deafen you and annoy the neighbours, poor sound will lose clarity.  When you have your measurements ask a sales person for the best type of speaker system to use.  If you are simply reusing your current speakers and television simply refer to the instructions on how to obtain the best sound.

Cables and Wiring
Buy all the cables you are going to need.  The problem we had was the lack of plug sockets in the room. We had a television, DVD and Blu-Ray as well as three games consoles.  Make sure you have enough plug sockets so you don’t have to keep swapping plugs over all the time. On the same note ensure you have all the right leads and cables before setting up. Trailing wires must be avoided too, pin them to the walls or run them under the floor, just make sure they are protected.

Room Arrangement
Work out the best wall for the television and the seating arrangements.  This may take a bit of trial and error.  You want to avoid sunlight on the television and in your eyes too so consider this while making your plans.  A black out blind is also essential for watching films in the middle of the day.

Seating can make or break a media room, make sure it suits the look and feel of the room you want. You can find some brilliant chairs by visiting: