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In my older years I find I am finding it harder to remain as independent as I would like. It’s a natural thing getting older, but I am a stubborn old mule sometimes (so my daughter tells me) and I will not always accept help when it’s offered.  I have a wonderful family that want to make my life easier, and last year my eldest offered for me to move in with her, but I refused.

I will Stay in My Own Home as Long as Possible
I am being a bit stubborn again but I don’t want to lose my own freedom or become a burden on anyone.  My children all have children of their own, pets and lifestyles which wouldn’t really work with my own. I go to bed early and I get up early, I don’t want to hear a family running around while I am trying to sleep and I don’t want to disturb anyone either. So I am determined to stay in my own home for as long as possible.

I have found there are lots of items of furniture and gadgets which do make my life a lot easier through.  If you are not as young as you once were and would like to make your home more suitable for you these items could be really beneficial to you too.

  1. Invest in a decent chair. I like to relax and spend a lot of time knitting which is something I get a lot of pleasure from.  I also read a lot and I don’t mind watching a bit of television in the evening. My old sofa was sagging and it really was causing my back to ache.  Getting out of the chair was becoming a very difficult process too.  I decided to swap my old sofa for a chair which was able to help me stand up when I wanted to, and also reclined too for extra comfort. The chair was a worthwhile investment and helped reduce some of my aches and pains.
  2. Safety railings in and out of the home. I hate to admit it but I am not as stable on my feet anymore.  I have had a couple of falls and although I didn’t badly hurt myself they did shake me up at the time.  I now have railings on the path leading to my front door and to where the bins are kept. Inside I have railings on both sides of the stairs as well as in the hallway and bathrooms.

Staying active also helps, I recently enrolled in a dance class and started swimming and although they are tiring I feel they have returned some of my lost energy.

Invest in a decent chair for comfort and for your own independence. have a wide collection to choose from.