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This article summarizes the importance of branding for creating the right image and experience for your diners. Writing a clear menu and displaying your menus properly is a key element in creating the right image for your restaurant.

Restaurant Branding
In today’s competitive market around 75% of newly opened restaurants will close within the first five years. It is important to be clear of who you are, your name should stand out; what you do, what food do you specialize in, where you are, how can people find you and when you open. Be clear about opening times, not just daily, but throughout the year. You then have to get the message across to customers and you need a clear brand. Having a strong logo will mean customers will become familiar with you and can connect easily. Branding is the promise between what you say you’re going to deliver and what you actually give. The smaller this gap, the stronger the brand. Therefore, keep it simple and you are more likely to be able to deliver what you say.
Menu Design
Everything from menu design to menu covers can change a diners experience and mean the difference between return visits or not. An effective menu is one that reflects perfectly the image of the restaurant, including font, colour scheme, size and shape. It is also important to have the different sections of starters, main courses and so on identified clearly, which could be achieved using shading, borders or bold headings. Highlighting chef’s specials is also a good idea to draw the eye to your restaurants key dishes. Once you’ve written and designed the perfect menu for your restaurant you now need to consider whether you choose to put them in a menu holders for restaurants.

Menu Covers
Using menu covers is a good idea since you don’t want new customers to see old food stains from previous customers. Menu covers can keep your menu and restaurant clean and hygienic, which is so important for diners. There are various types of holders you could choose, depending on your restaurant. Folder style holders mean you can add as many pages as you like and are often made of leather, plastic or wood. Stand menu holders can be made of wood, stainless steel or acrylic and are usually found on caff tables where the menus are a permanent feature. They are useful as can be cleaned regularly by simply wiping and don’t take up much room. Menu holders will come in various sizes. Finally if you’re a little more daring you could treat your customers to the more tactile cover, often padded, silken or sandpaper. These can add a fun element to your restaurant.

So branding is actually one of the most important parts of running a restaurant, especially since dining out is a visual experience. Choosing the right image including menu holders for restaurants will enhance your business so consider all options and stick within the chosen brand for your restaurant.


Martin Miles writes frequently for a variety of websites and blogs on branding for the entertainment and catering industry. Martin worked for many years in this industry and has a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Click on this page for more information.