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Swimsuit season is always something to look forward each year. Fashion for 2013 has a ton of new trends in store and swimsuits are no exception.

However, there are five swimsuit styles that really stand out.

The first trend is bold hues. Swimsuit designers are using vibrant and bright colors for bikinis this season. The use of bold hues is incorporating the trend of color blocking in which solid and bright colors are paired together or stacked on top of each other. A variety of colors matched together is flattering on the body and makes quite a statement by the poolside or the beach.

The second style is the use of prints. Prints are all the rage this season including animal prints, floral, tribal, stripes or two-tone color combinations. Prints certainly add a wow factor. Rocking a swimsuits with a fun print gives off an easygoing vibe. This style definitely is more daring although there are prints out there that are more subdued.

The third style is a fairly new one that is making its appearance this season. More swimsuits are not lingerie-inspired with tops that have built-in underwire, straps, and lingerie seaming. These additions give the bust more of a boost as well as support, making women feel sexy without revealing too much. As for one-piece suits, plunging necklines and backs are becoming fairly popular.

Vintage is a new fashion favorite especially in the swimsuit world. Retro-inspired suits are making a comeback this summer. High-waisted bottoms and long flowing tops reminiscent of the 1960s are all the rage this year. Even Taylor Swift has been seen wearing a bright red polka-dotted bikini with a high-waisted bottom. These swimsuits are very flattering as they smooth out curves while offering great coverage.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to an ensemble and swimsuits are no different. Small details are finding its way to this summer’s swimsuits. Whether they are beads, fringe, unique braiding, or other small accents, small detailing is the focus of many designers today. These unique details give off an understated elegance that are still beautiful without being too outrageous and over the top.

There are many more trends and styles that are making its way into this year’s swimsuit fashion but these are some of the most popular that are making their mark. These styles are uniquely different and women should not have any problems finding a swimsuit that meets their taste for 2013!

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Trend N’Stylez is freelance blogger writing on behalf of Fashion for 2013