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The holiday season is fast approaching, and now is the ideal time to start planning your outdoor holiday displays. While some people enjoy taking the hassle-free route of placing one of those large, blow-up decorations featuring reindeer, Santa Claus or other festive figures and scenes squarely in the front yard, you may want to take your home’s exterior decor to a new level this year. You want your home to have that extra touch of charm and pizzazz that really catches the eye of neighbors and passersby. When you really want your home to stand apart from the others in your neighborhood, the roof is the ideal place to focus your efforts on this season. Here are a few great ideas to add some extra holiday sparkle to your home with festive roof decor.

A Focus on Meaning

If your family enjoys religious home decor that focuses on the true meaning of the season, what better way is there to decorate your home than to add a beautiful Christmas star to your roof? There are several different ways to accomplish this. You can purchase an already-constructed star at any number of local stores or online, or you can construct your own star by building a metal frame and decorating it with lights. If your roof has a considerable slope, you may simply be able to place the star laying on your roof for a dramatic effect. Another option to consider is to place it elevated over your roof. At night, this will create the effect of a true star hanging in the sky over your home. For added effect, create a nativity scene your yard below the star.

Prancing and Pawing

For a more whimsical approach to your holiday decor, consider the delight that kids will experience when they look at your home and see a sleigh and reindeer on the roof. To ensure that the sleigh and reindeer are visible at night, these decorations will need to be illuminated in some way. You can shine a spotlight on the decorations, or you can purchase lit reindeer and sleigh decorations from the store to install on your roof. The installation of these features can be tricky if your roof is sloped, so you should carefully consider the types of decorations that will be used as well as their placement.

Stuck in the Chimney

While spotting a reindeer and a sleigh on your roof can be a real treat for kids who pass by your home this holiday season, they may be even more delighted to spot Santa Claus himself on your roof. There are many different ways that you can accomplish this. A fun idea is to place Santa’s feet coming up through your chimney as though he were stuck inside, and include an open satchel of presents on the roof next to him. With this idea, however, you will not be able to use your chimney or fireplace until your Santa decoration is removed. Depending on the slope of your roof and tree cover, you may be able to create the hint of Santa’s figure standing on your roof with subtle or intermittent lighting. Young children may wonder if they really did see Santa standing there! These ideas can be combined with a sleigh and reindeer placed in the yard in front of your home for added flair.

Many families love to drive around and look at holiday light displays during this magical time of year. Your own holiday light display can spread joy and cheer to all who view your home. Consider using some of these fabulous ideas to dress your roof up with surprising and dramatic results this season.

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Melinda De Leon is a home and family blogger currently residing in Houston, Texas. She wrote this post on behalf of Remedy Roofing, an industry leader in safety and efficiency for all your Houston Roof needs.