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Being a wine aficionado is not just about drinking. If you are in love with this grape brew, you will definitely have a wine cellar in the house. It may be in the basement, living room, in the loft space or even under a loose floorboard! But here are few brilliant tips on how you can retain the beauty of the place and also organize the cellar.

You must have seen the vintage wine cellar with the country muse of bricks and the sprawl of wood all over the space. A neat and chic display of wine bottles along with a subtle light shining from behind the shelves onto the floor or the containers was quite common.

While the traditional ways are still alive, a plunge in the modern time cellar sees a bit of variation and lots of innovation.

Traditional finishes to the wine cellar

The large cedar wood drums and baskets with labels depicting the type of wine in them is a head on the way of following the traditional style. The beauty of these containers was quite different. The dark and soft shade varnish on the boxes highlighted the look of the cellar.

You can even find a hoard of the wine bottles arranged very tidily on the shelves. The cascade of these concoctions looked just amazing.

 In fact, the huge roll of the wine bottles lined on top of each other was no sweat! So there was always a decent stock of wine for all when there was a need to party-hearty. Even today, many people opt for the traditional wine storing ideas for a simplistic yet sophisticated look of the cellar.

You just require stone walls, wooden shelves, cedar drums, and probably polished hardwood varnish for the cabinetry.

Modern touches to the wine cellar

Wine cellars have moved up and made a space for themselves in the dining room and also the living room. Many people even are quite content to accommodate a home bar in the outdoors or the bedroom itself.

Here you can recreate the cellar kind of look and also store the wine bottles comfortably. Save space by storing these bottles in the underside of the dining table drawer or on top of the side table.

Give an artistic edge to the wine cellar and design the area with some decorative wooden wall shelves. Create a mosaic of stone tiles in the backdrop and make space for the cabinetry at either side of this wall. Perk up the area with paintings and solid colored walls of soft green or any other shade.

For the countertop, purchase some open designer storage box. On top of it, you can line up the best of the collections in your wine cellar. A striking ceiling pattern and spotlights will bring the area in focus.

Enter the royal and sophisticated wine cellar

If you a have a large budget for the wine cellar, then you can certainly spend some extra bucks on the interior decoration here. Go for the yellow light bulbs and beautiful chandeliers for the ceiling. Embellish the region with wrought iron gate

Wall mirror with an ornamental frame can make for a wonderful accent against the smooth off-white wall.Stark clean glass screens for the storage wooden cabinet will be perfect for the deck up.

Floral and vine patterns all over the storage space will look incredible. You can even use a focus light over the wine bottles to bring out the charm of the area. Thick pillars over the fireplace mantel and the corresponding wine’s shelf will look superb for the wine containers.

A pop of the top brands in the wine on the countertop and the front of the shelf will be a great decorating idea. You can even bring in few lounge chairs and tables to turn on the warm ambience in the cellar.

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