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Assuming our lives always center around something, there is no doubt that in today’s modern world, just about everyone and everything centers around the little device sitting in our purses and wallets known as our smartphone. You may or may not like the implications of this statement but there is no denying that there is very little one can do without a smartphone. It is impossible to coordinate with work buddies, superiors and juniors alike, parents would find it akin to amputating themselves, and getting simple things like paying bills and using smartphone banking options will become a heck of a hassle.

That being said, of course no one wants to lose their smartphone, no matter what their stance on the center, or lack of center, of their lives. Unfortunately, and surprisingly as well, it is easier said than done. A lot of people forget the few, essential cardinal rules of protecting their phone. For those who need constant reminders and tips, here are some basic tips to help you out on that.

1.       Always LOCK your phone. This may be the most difficult task ever given to anyone who thinks they have two cents worth of brain cells. But the fact remains that no matter who you are or how much you know about the tech world, people tend to get lazy. But this exact laziness is what causes so much mobile phone data theft and phone theft at large. If your phone remains unlocked everywhere it travels, just about anyone (crook or not) can install an iPhone spyware app or keylogger onto your device without you being any wiser. Of course, if the person is a professional they’ll be able to crack your security codes or PIN in case of iPhone users. But chances are that unless you are a high ranking official of some sort, no one will be coming after you with such a vengeance. Locking your phone will keep it secure to an extent, which is more than you may actually think it is.

2.       Do not tamper with built in phone security. Another misconception that people have is that by changing the default settings of their smartphone, and then adding third party security apps, no real change has taken place in their phone defense. In the case of iPhone users, Apple has pretty good security and if you decide to go ahead and jailbreak your Apple smartphone, well be prepared for a wave of security concerns coming your way. If you are an Android user than the equivalent would be rooting your Android. Unless you consider  yourself an expert user and are prepared to go out on a limb and manage whatever perils will come your way, including iPhone spyware(, keyloggers, malware and whatnot,  jailbreaking/rooting is a big no- no for security in the smartphone world.

3.       Updating is more necessary than you think. The height of laziness is when individuals see that there are updates available for their iOS to the latest version yet delay it thinking that no real harm will come to them. But just because you the Apple user is lazy does not mean that iPhone malware professionals who work around the clock to put out iPhone spyware and whatnot are lazy too. Failure to upgrade in time is a potential threat to the security of your iPhone.

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Jane Andrew loves to write about iPhone spy and keylogger. She provides tips and tricks about iPhone and computer security. To find out more about iPhone security, please follow her @janeandrew01.