Designing The Best Porch To Use For A Home

Designing The Best Porch To Use For A Home

Porches are often the most neglected areas of a home simply because they are either not set up right or the outdoors is simply too hot and/or humid to stay in for extended periods of time.  At the same time people still love to spend time outdoors, even if it means they have to carry buckets with them to catch all the sweat that pours off of them every minute.  Luckily, doing a few small things to the porch can make it the place a person really wants and a new spot to spend a lot of quality time.

Most Porches Cause Problems

Open porches often cause the most problems because they are not protected from the moving outdoor elements as well.  The most typical issue is bugs, since in certain areas during the summer they can be in full force and bite people with certain skin types near constantly.  This is where a screen comes into play, but if the individual prefers an open porch then taking down the screen might be a good idea.  For whatever reason people see the screen as a different thing and this makes them feel drastically different about the area.  While most people feel a screen is a simple protector and they are still outside, some see it like a wall, and it makes them feel as if they are inside rather than out.

Fixing Up Parts

Fixing up some aspects that are falling apart can be a great way to make the environment feel more comfortable and enjoyable to be in.  Any unsightly supports can be wrapped with attractive porch columns to cover them up and bring a feeling of class to the environment they are in.  Deck balusters can also be added to complement the columns and further bring the high-end feeling to the rest of the porch.  Unfortunately this often means that other aspects may appear less attractive when set side by side, and flooring and walls may need to be redone as a result.  However this is something that is done to entice a person to use the porch, and if that will not happen because too many things have to be done then it is best to simply leave it as it is.

Starting Fresh Can Be Good

Sometimes redeveloping the environment with a fresh coat of paint can make an aging porch look great again.  With other upgrades, this is a tried and true method to make the environment something different that people will enjoy being in and looking at instead of feeling icky because it is run down and ugly around them.  Fortunately, painting today is rather easy and a good type of paint can last many years, especially if sealed in with a clear coat or otherwise.

Eric Blair writes about exterior design and archtectural elements such as a deck railing or a porch baluster set.

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