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Doing the Job

Not many people grow up dreaming of being an estate agent, it is a job that many people fall into as a first job or discover that it could be for them after concluding full time education.

What are the skills that are most relevant to being a successful estate agent?


Being honest is pretty much a prerequisite for any job in the modern world, but why is it so crucial and discussed specifically when it comes to being an estate agent?

  • · Estate agents need to be honest with people who are selling the house, specifically around how they feel the house will be viewed by potential buyers and what is a realistic price.
  • · Equally, there needs to be an honest to the buyer on what they can expect from each home and again whether a price is really worth paying.

It is also important for an estate agent to maintain the integrity of all parties. Estate agents should never say things such as “I know the price is high, but that is what the buyer wants.” It should be a united front at all times and never move away from this.

Communication Skills

Communication is vital in the estate agency sector, and what makes it unique is that all of your communication skills need to be well tuned. Written, verbal, visual communication, and even your body language needs to be perfect, both so you present yourself as being professional at all times and also to give you the best chance of making a success of your career.

If you are unsure about your own communication skills right now, ask a friend for an honest evaluation, or buy yourself a book that focusses on these issues.


If you are not a self-starter and able to push yourself to great heights every day then being an estate agent probably is not the job for you. From getting out of bed, to getting into the office and being enthusiastic about each and every viewing you have that day, you will need to be able to motivate yourself and meet your targets every single day.


All of the above don’t mean anything unless they are channelled correctly. Ensure that you have excellent planning skills so that you make the most of every single hour of each day and generate as much business as you can for both yourself and your agency.

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