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If you are stuck for gift ideas, what could be more creative and thoughtful than giving a friend or loved one a gift basket? Gift baskets give a personal touch and really give the impression that a lot of thought went into designing it. Either way, gift baskets are a great gift idea for girls or boys of all ages. They are excellent for a number of situations such as birthdays, marriages or Christmas being the most obvious.

The Basket

Choosing the basket will all be about your personal preference, but there are a few tips that you all would need to follow.

  • Make sure it is made up of a sturdy wooden frame- wooden baskets give the most professional appearance.
  • The basket’s weave needs to be smooth and make sure that it is not broken.
  • When you place it on the floor, make sure it sits flat and doesn’t wobble.
  • For a guideline for the depth of the basket- you should aim for around 4 or 5 inches


The Contents

This is the part where it gets interesting and you can start getting really creative. A good idea is to fill the gaps between the items with a coloured material such as shred. This provides a really nice colourful cushion between the contents and the basket- making sure nothing gets damaged or broken. The presents within the actual basket will obviously change based on the type of person the gift basket is for.  You are the best person to work that one out, so this will be up to you. However, you can use some of the following as ideas for what to use:

  • If it is for a young child, you could try a sweet and chocolate theme. Nothing makes a child happier than a basket full of sweets!
  • If it is for a close loved one, what about a bunch of flowers inside the gift basket? Make sure the flowers don’t get squashed by the rest of the contents though!
  • Other ideas include items such as bath products, cookbooks, gardening sets, picture frames, utensils or even candles.

Designing your own gift basket to offer as a present makes it actually fun to give presents. It allows you to get really creative and offer a present that is 100% unique. The receiver will appreciate the present even more as it has a personal touch because you made it yourself.


Daniel Blinman loves creating gift baskets in his free time, he recommends Your Gift Basket if you are interested in purchasing pre-created gift baskets