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Computer technology improves at an astounding rate, just think that it wasn’t too long ago that the appearance of a highly pixelated 2-dimensional blue hedgehog was considered the height of technological achievement. Technology improves so quickly that anyone not wishing to be left in the dark must take the plunge and upgrade their hardware every few years. If your thinking that now might be the time to upgrade your laptop, read below for a little extra incentive.

Your Current System Is World Weary

Like people, computers age. They may not wrinkle, or reminisce about the good old days of MS-DOS and certainly don’t lose their hearing – but time does take its toll on your system. For no apparent reason things that used to be instantaneous take enough time for you to make a quick cup of tea – you have to stop writing reports to wait for your words to appear. Maybe your laptops battery exists in a state of constant emptiness – a fact which you continually forget, leading to regular frustration. If your laptop has reached this age then it may be time to put your laptop into retirement.

Limitless Battery

Even if your battery is still working fine it may still be time to upgrade. Your battery may be okay, but the newer models posses battery life that may outlive the family pet. Okay so that’s a huge exaggeration, but battery life has been improved over recent years. Furthermore, new models have an energy saving utility built in so that it stops energy being drawn from a power source once the battery is full. So if you’re the kind of person who leaves his laptop plugged in overnight then a buying a new model might save you alot of money over time.

Faster, Smoother, More Satisfying

Predictably, new laptops have better hardware (memory and processors), meaning they run faster – no surprise right? Well in addition to this newer laptops are also 64 bit compatible, for those who are unfamiliar with this, 64 bit is the type of software you need to take advantage of 4 or more GB of ram (32 bit is the current standard). Eventually 32 bit will become obsolete and new software will require a 64 bit operating system.

New Bits and Bobs

The gadgets that are available with newer systems could end up being your fondest things about them. Popular gadgets are currents things like built in webcams, HDMI screens, more USB ports and fingerprint security.

This article was written by Jacob Catt on behalf of Sell Your Laptop – a perfect start if you are looking to upgrade your system