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When choosing a degree, people often fall into the trap of thinking according to social norms. Sure, there are broad-degrees which give multiple career options, but it’s worth thinking wider than just science, the arts, commerce or any other traditional studies. It might surprise you how many strange and quirky degrees there are, and some of them might just be to your liking!

We have set out six of the weirdest degrees that you can study around the world. Which will you choose?

1. Comedy Writer and Performer

Do you have a knack for making people laugh? Believe it or not, you can get a degree in comedy as a comedic writer and performer. Around the world, many institutions actually offer this three to four year course, and this degree falls under the arts and includes elements of theatrics. A degree in comedy focuses on aspects such as styles and genres of comedy and the art of storytelling, studying character development, storyboarding – and of course, it also teaches skills regarding improvisation.

It’s a given, then, that creativity and a good sense of humor are good qualities to have when applying for this degree. Writing dialogues, stand-up comedy sketches and plays are also part of the curriculum. The degree gives you an opportunity to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian or even as a comedy writer for plays, television or movies.

2. Auctioneering

Auctioneering degrees are rapidly growing in popularity – and it isn’t all about slamming down the hammer and shouting, “Sold!”! This degree actually teaches students bargaining skills as well as how to value items such as antiques, homes, animals and other assets. Other skills taught are speed-talking, auction chanting, and audience communication. There are also aspects of auction laws and management covered. The degree’s length can range between one to four years.

3. Turf-grass Management

Regularly mowing your lawn is one thing, but managing a professional sports pitch is an entirely different ball game (pun intended). Grass isn’t usually something that the average person thinks about, but in reality it is a complicated field of study, which affects activities more than you think. Turf management is a specialist occupation and all sports played on a grass turf require a turf manager’s expertise.

Parks, golf courses, soccer fields, cricket pitches and many more recreational activities are very reliant on effective turf management. A turf-grass management degree entails the studying of landscaping and aspects of managing weeds, irrigation and plant genetics. It’s a good option for people who love the outdoors and is perfect for sport-lovers!

4. Stained Glass Construction & Conservation

Colourful glass windows are pretty to look at, but they are more complicated to construct and conserve than you would think! That is why there are actual degrees in the art and conservation of stained glass. Stained glass degrees combine elements of design and mathematics. The course usually entails a fair share of theory and history, but is mostly practical with classes in glassblowing, pattern designing, glass-mosaic studies and more. Students are also given the opportunity to create windows, jewellery, mosaics and tableware. A plus to this degree are the regular visits to sites with impressive glass features.

5. Puppetry

Drama and theatre studies are good, safe degrees. But if you love theatrics and want an interesting twist to your degree, why not study puppetry? Puppetry degrees are usually three years long and teach a wide variety of skills. Students learn how to construct puppets and study how puppet-manipulation works in order to optimise performances. There are also elements of set-building and the course focuses on design, performance, theatre making and elements of voice-control.

6. Racetrack management

There are two branches from this degree: animal management or business management. In animal management, the main focus is on the horse. The degree emphasizes aspects such as breeding, diets and exercise plans and, of course, training. Graduates can work in the horseracing industry and on private or commercial farms.

On the other hand, the business management part focuses on the management of the horseracing industry and encompasses units of study such as communication skills, financial management and business psychology. The degree is generally three years and students can choose their majors in either business or animal management, according to preference.

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