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With the economy still trying to pick up, we are still looking for ways to save a penny. There are many DIY options out there, but I have one that could save you tons of money. This money saving tip is taking care of your own pest control. Whether, you are a business owner or a homeowner needing pest control, you can save money doing your own pest control. It may seem a little complicated, what, with all the technical terms the Pest professional’s use, but it’s really not difficult.  There are plenty of companies out there selling professional grade pest control products to consumers and for less! In a few small steps you can learn and do your own pest control.

Step One: Determine your pest issue

Try to get into the mindset of a detective. Only, you are tracking a pest. For example, if indoor ants are your problem, you will need to locate there trail and where they are entering the home. If you are having problems determining the pest, you can always phone a local entomologist that can help you. Once you have determined the little critter, you can Google DIY pest control companies.

Step Two: Research

Most of you probably know the product your pest control technician was using. If you in fact know the product, all you have to do is find a DIY pest control company that can help you purchase the pest control product.  Most of the DIY pest control web sites are easy to navigate.  One web site:, even offers extensive Question and Answer, How To videos, and an amazing amount of information on pests and products.  If you still have questions, you can always call a DIY pest control customer service professional to decide an effect game plan in getting rid of your pest.  Another plus to purchasing your own products, you can price compare.  Most of the time there are “generic” products that are equal to the more expensive ones.  You will be shocked at what little these products cost, and how much you actually get for your money.  Once you have a game plan set up and your products purchased, they will be directly shipped to your house. Worried about shipping cost? Don’t be; some DIY pest control companies cover the cost for you. It’s like Christmas, only cheaper!

Step Three: Application

You should receive your product in less than one week.  Once the product is received you are ready to start your own pest control.  If you run into a snafu, or have a question, you can always call the company your product was purchased from and get an answer.  Also, depending on the viscidity of the product, the shelf life for most liquid/granular products is normally two to three years! 

Don’t worry if you know nothing about pest control. Just a little research and time and you will be as good as the pest control technicians, only you will have a lot more money in your pocket. Ok get out there and you too, can be pest control pro and save money!

The treatments that people can save the most on with do it yourself pest control are termite treatments and bed bug treatments. To learn more please visit