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Playing a musical instrument can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable pursuits in the world. However, without the right support or a helping hand it can appear incredibly challenging and difficult to access.

This shouldn’t prevent you from continuing, or starting, to learn and practice though, as there are a huge variety of resources available online for those that wish to give it a go. By picking up an instrument and starting to play, you’ll find that you are on your way to beginning a hobby that will last a lifetime – and nothing should get in the way of that.

Whereas musical instruction can often be prohibitively expensive, the wealth of online resources are often free to download and can perform a variety of functions that will not only make it more fun to pick up your instrument, but also improve your performance. With this in mind, we’ve picked two of the best free pieces of software available for beginners and given you a quick look at what they do and how they can help.

Free Guitar Tuner

For those that haven’t learnt to tune their guitar by ear yet, guitar tuning software can help considerably. Many new players find that tuning is often a barrier to picking up their instrument and just playing or practicing the required amount. No one likes to play if their sound isn’t just right and a poorly tuned guitar can produce some frustratingly jarring noises.

This software can be used to tune acoustic or electric guitars and doesn’t require you to plug your guitar into the computer. Instead, guitarists hear the notes of each string and are able to easily tune each string up or down as required.

Free Metronome

One of the most challenging aspects of playing a musical instrument can be perfecting the many rhythms and time signatures that are required to play different styles of music. Without a metronome to help you keep the beat and give you a little direction, it can be all too easy to slowly slip out of time.

Fortunately, this free metronome software gives the user a basis from which to work and is incredibly versatile. The software itself can help you practice using none, 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 meters and at beats per minute between 40 and 160. Keeping time will never be a problem again!

To get your hands on a free guitar tuner or a free metronome, visit Soft 32 where you will be able to download software to your computer to help you to continue perfecting your instrument.