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Remodeling your bathroom may sound right in theory but in practice, it can be a bit too harsh on your wallet. So, how can you give your bathroom a few touches and make it look as good as the one in your friend’s house? Or how to you add a breath of newness to a bathroom that is looking increasingly shabby? Calling on the remodeling professionals means you’re committing yourself to a job with mounting expenses. However, if you are handy with your DIYs, then there are a few tweaks you can pull off with ease and have a bathroom of your dreams too!

The instant style statement

Mounted vanity cabinets are the hot trends and they are win-win as they save space and also look good. Wall mounted cabinets come in a series of different finishes depending on the look you want. Metallic finish has more of a contemporary spark whereas more woodsy tones are perfect for country and Victorian themes. Whichever you choose from, you will have a modern and neat look at the end and also find your bathroom clutter considerably lessened.

If you want to continue with this look, have a dressing table area too. If the bathroom suite look is what you wish for, go in for his and her vanity cabinets.

Tiled walls and bath screens

Glossy tiles have an appealing look and are easy to maintain. They could be done in patterns or kept simple with one wall a shade darker while others lighter. Bath screens and shower screens of the transparent variety can augment space in your bathroom if it looks cramped. These are see-through screens and so they clearly show the wall behind them which will cause an illusion of a more spacious room. They could even be used as a focus to frame some interesting wall art behind.

The color of a room is what affects the senses first and so, changing the tiles or adding some new patterns will cause an immediate feeling of newness.

Lighting effects

If you can’t afford that LED shower, don’t despair. You can have LED lights near your shower outlets and bath tub. They have a modern touch to them and can even make old bath tubs spring some new feathers. Also, light fixtures over the basin need to have a change as newer models will add brightness and vivacity to your room. Have a small chandelier installed in the middle of the bathroom’s ceiling for a touch of luxury.

Lighting can make a room look garish or it can bathe it in soft hues. Therefore, it is important to have lights that add to the soft touches of your room.

Decorate through glass

Shower screens can also help decorate your bathroom and will add to its modernity as well as be easy to maintain. Painted and frosted glass or screens with patterns will even make a plain white tiled bathroom have a dash of style to it.

If you are tired of having a plain wooden door leading to your bathroom, opt for stained glass instead which looks gorgeous and exhibits class.

Emily is a mother of two and blogger. Her husband is bathroom expert. They recently renovate their bathroom and gave glamorous look that to safe for her kids. They bought all bathroom products from