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Fisherman and sports anglers are both fanatics and yet out to have fun on their fishing trips and tournaments.  Still good fishing techniques and equipment helps them to land the “big one” .  Any all all preparation and practice before fishing season and tournaments is all to good avail and merit.
Fly Fishing is a Two Handed Operation:
Fly fishing and fly-casting is a world onto its own.   It can be said that fly casting is a two handed operation. One hand controls the rod , while the other second hand controls the fishing line.  Renowned fly-fishing experts will advise and teach novices to start with the rod held in their casting hand, reel down , grip on the cork handle with the thumb on top. Point down overall towards to the rod tip itself.
Have 10 or fifteen feet of line stripped off the reel and laying down in front of you.  With your free hand gently hold the fly line near the reel itself.  After the cast  you will use this this very hand to strip the line back in,rather than reeling it. With continued practice and time spent nearby the water you will conveniently find  your line close by and ready for the next cast.  Have fun.  In fly fishing it can be said that the role and function of your reel is essentially and basically only used for line storage.

The Forward Cast & Forward Casting:
Next in line of skills to learn and acquire is the “forward cast” and forward casting skill-sets.  Yet all in all the forward cast is the most basic move and motion in fly fishing.  Hold your rod in a “9 O’clock “ position.  Next quickly lift the tip to about two O’clock.  Your line should simply “snap” off the ground in front of you and  be thrown over your shoulder region in a  “loop”.   Watch that  as the loop flies off to straighten out behind you , that you begin what is termed the “forward part of the cast” ,stopping the rod at about the 10 O’clock position overall.  You should spot your line looping forward in response , and then straightening out again , dropping your fly into the water itself.   Finally as the line itself settles in the water , lower the tip of your fishing rod to the 9 O’clock position once more again.

Timing is Everything  Don’t “Crack “ Your Fishing Line Like a Whip:
Lastly as in most sports “timing is everything”.  Bad timing will cause you problems and difficulties and ultimately no trophy at the annual fishing tournament or derbies.  If you start the forward part of your cast before the loop has straightened out behind you , the line will crack like a whip .  On top of that your fly itself will most likely be snapped off your line clean and neat.  Don’t be a crackerjack on the water. Always remember the worst day spent fishing with your buddies on vacation is better than the best day ever spent at the office back home.

Carlos Pesce

Carlos lives to fish and take friends and visitors in the waters offshore Puerto Morelos in the Gulf of Mexico. There are no shortage of fishing tales of the giant ones that “got away”  in the gulf waters off of Cancun.  True you can whittle down some of the tall tales depending on your knowledge of the Mexican fishing calendar.  Mexican barrracuda fish and black fin tuna all year round.  Kingfish Mackrel January Feb and late fall.  Yet Carlos seems to have an instinctive insight into when the fish are biting.  Yet he will tell all tourists and vistors who charter his boat that everyone seems to dream of that famed Blue Marlin.