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I recently bought a used Ford C-Max and have been very happy with my purchase.  I feel like I got a good deal and have ended up with a solid used Ford C-Max that will last me for a few years.

However whenever I buy a used car I always feel very nervous.  Too many times in the past I have bought the perfect used car, only to find out that it was not as advertised.  The trouble with buying used cars is even the experts get it wrong sometimes.  There is only so much you can tell from looking at the car and taking it on a quick test drive.

Sometimes the faults only reveal themselves after you have done a few hundred miles.  However you can at least avoid some of the obvious problems if you do your homework.  It is important you research the type of car you are going to look at and make sure you know what key faults/problems to watch out for.

If you are buying a used Ford C-Max then here are some important points to look out for:

Which Version?
I would advise that when buying a used Ford C-Max think carefully about how you are going to use the car.  Looking at owner reviews I discovered that the 1.6 litre version can struggle when it comes to carrying heavy loads and travelling on motorways.  I wanted the car for commuting to work and also taking the family on holiday (this involves a lot of luggage).  I opted for the 2.0 litre version and have found the extra power much more suitable for my needs.  If you just want to use the car around town then the 1.6 litre should be fine.

Common Faults
All modern cars have their faults so it is important to be prepared before you start looking.  With a used Ford C-Max keep a close eye out for ‘limp home mode’.  This can be triggered by a number of faults many of which can prove expensive.  Take the car out for a good run and make sure it has warmed up thoroughly to see if the limp home mode kicks in.

Another problem common with used Ford C-Max models is front tyre wear.  Check all the tyres carefully and if buying from a dealer request worn tyres are replaced before you sign anything.  Also make sure you check all the electronics work properly, paying particular attention to the clocks and window mechanisms.

Make sure you do your homework before you go out and buy a used Ford C-Max.  This should help you spot common faults and avoid buying a lemon that could cost you dear!