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Finally the time has come that you have the money to extend.  You’ve been looking forward to this moment for years, your garage is going to turn into that paradise of laziness: a games room.  However, how are you going to do it and what games are you going to have?  These questions aren’t as easy as they seem but they are one thing: fun.  Unlike a necessary extension like a new bedroom, this gives you a free rein to do what you want to do with the space.  If you want it carpeted, carpet it, if you want a bar with beer on tap, put in a bar.  The possibilities are endless, but for the games themselves you’re going to want to look online.  A huge selection of games can be found here and so get yourself exploring the net as soon as possible.

Set-up Before the Break
The first thing you should be doing if you’re going to convert a garage is making sure it is liveable.  While you’re not actually going to be living in there you may be spending quite some time there, so ensuring there is no damp is a necessity to leave your games area as habitable.  If the floor is a simple concrete slab then it may be worth thinking about putting in some sort of floor system otherwise is going to get a bit cold underfoot, even if you carpet it.  One option is under floor heating but the simpler is just to put floorboards down.  Once you’ve sorted the floor out you’re going to want to measure the space and get deciding whether you can get a full snooker table in there?  Take a look online at the sizes and match them to your room to see if you can; helping you to make up your mind on your game choice.

It’s always a difficult decision to choose between the games pool and snooker and that is even before you throw in the options of bar billiards and table football.  Online there is a huge choice of pool and snooker tables even including tables that can be turned into dining tables.  These give you a great option for turning your games room into an area where you can have a dinner party.  This choice is one likely to keep the rest of the family happy that the space can become multi-functional.  As with everything, quality is important, so make sure that when you visit sites online that you choose the right table for you.

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A games room is something that we all aspire to at some stage in our lives.  Simplypoolandsnooker.co.uk offer you the opportunity to not only buy new tables, but used ones to; meaning that your games room can come in under your budget, giving you the means to spend more elsewhere.

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